10KVA Off Grid Solar System Runs 3 Fuel Dispensers in this Petrol Pump in Jalgaon, Maharashtra. Tech Details in the Blog:

What Was the Condition Before Solar?

The SSPS Sethi sons HP Petrol pump owned by Mr. Sethi is located in Jalgaon district in the Indian state of Maharastra. The area that this petrol pump is located experiences massive power cuts. A petrol pump requires 24 hours’ power back up and Mr. Sethi had resorted to using diesel generator to run his petrol pump. He thus spent tons of rupees on this electricity bill every month. He had a small petrol pump and his diesel generators also created an unpleasant noisy atmosphere.


Sethi then decided he must make some serious changes. He then approached Su-Kam’s authorized distributor Mr. Ninand in Maharashtra and asked for his advice. Ninand then advised him to go solar.


After a survey, Ninand decided that he must install an off grid solar powered system in that petrol pump and use an online UPS with a solar charge controller to make it a complete solar system.


Su-Kam’s online UPS ranges from 1KVA to 100KVA and is designed and developed to provide uninterrupted power supply to small and large scale enterprises that makes it an excellent power back up option for areas affected with frequent power cuts.


Why Should You Choose an Online UPS?

The reason why an online UPS is called ‘online’ is because the batteries are ‘always’ connected to UPS so power transfers are not required. As in, no power transfer from mains mode to battery mode or battery mode to mains mode. So we can say there is zero change over time. But how is that useful? The online UPS is perfect for equipment’s that are highly sensitive to power switches. They shut down and cannot resume normal functioning in the situation of power transfers from mains to battery mode and vice versa.


A generator will lose its efficiency with time. They need periodic maintenance from authorized agencies which costs a lot more. You don’t really have to worry about that with an online UPS. Just install and forget.


After understanding their load requirements, he installed the following:

Technical Specifications

  1. Su-Kam’s Online UPS – 10KVA/192V
  2. Su-Kam’s solar charge controller 192V 60amps
  3. Su-Kam’s solar panels 250W/24V – 6KW
  4. Batteries – 150AH (192V)


Load Running and Units Generated

This system generates approximately 30 units of solar power every day. This Online Ups system will run 3 dispenser pumps in the petrol pump as of now. The installation was a massive success.


Mr Ninand says, ‘We have installed a 10KVA online system after understanding their load requirement. That area experiences power cut so they had resorted to using a diesel generator that was quite expensive for them. Mr. Sethi specially requested for Su-kam’s solar inverter system since they had a good impression of the company from hearsay of their connections. We were happy to help them through the entire installation process.’

We are glad to lend a hand in turning this nation into a solar nation. Another petrol pump goes solar, what are you waiting for?

After much consideration and demand for online UPS in the market, su-kam has recently launched an all exclusive solar online UPS. Watch this video to understand how it works –

If you want to learn how to convert an ordinary inverter into a solar inverter, watch this educational video –

To watch interesting videos on solar inverters and technology, subscribe to Su-Kam’s YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/user/SukamIndia/videos

For further details, please contact –

Mr. Ninand Shinde (Su-Kam’s authorized distributor-Ninand Electrical) – 09823140103

Contact the customer –

Mr. Sethi

SSPS Sethi sons

Jamner Village





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