4 Things that Prove Su-Kam is the Best Place to Work For

Recently, ET Now did a special segment on Su-Kam, highlighting its brand, its leaders and the bright future of solar. They even declared Sukam as one of the best working place for all the employees pertaining to its positive and comfortable work culture.

Who is Manoj? Why he is Happy with Su-Kam ?

Manoj, working as a WUP engineer at Su-kam, is all praises for the company. He performed well in his area and recently got rewarded as the best engineer.

The revenue that he has single-handedly collected for the company through Annual Maintenance Contracts is equal to what 4 engineers usually. This is a big achievement for him.

Manoj - Su-kam engineer

Currently Manoj is handling Kashipur district in UK (uttarakhand).

He is happy and extremely satisfied with what Su-kam has given him.

The challenges that the company introduces from time to time are for the benefit of the employees and help to shape up their skills.

The smiles from satisfied customers that he witnesses make him feel proud of his work and further encourages him to continue working with Su-kam with great passion.

4 Reasons why ‘Su-Kam Is Like My Family’ – Manoj (WUP Engineer)

Also, he regards Su-kam as an extended family and claims that his association with the company has made him feel confident about himself.

He goes on to describe Su-kam in all the good words and reaffirms that the work culture here is very transparent. All the complicated details are shared with the company employees just like we do in a family.

In his own words he praises the company by saying,

“I have been working in this amazing company for the last 2 years, and the whole journey has changed my life for good.

The experience with Su-kam has provided me great satisfaction and what I love about this company is that it has given me an independent working environment.

I can work without any fear and can freely express myself. Our opinions are valued here. Su-kam is like my family now. It’s very dear to me. I am proud to tell people where I work because of what the company has provided me.

Employees at Su-kam share a cordial relation and are very supportive. They help each other creating a good working atmosphere, which further strengthens the bond between them.”

“Mr. Kunwar Sachdev has been the pillar of strength and he values each employee. His versatility inspires us to work with all our heart. Even the other employees keep motivating each other,” he added.

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