5 Questions to Su-Kam Solar Powered House Owner

The best ambassadors for Su-Kam are its satisfied customers and this article is about one of them.

Sushil has built a wonderful house in the countryside about 50 km from Bangalore but his biggest worry was the intermittent supply of electricity in the area.

This is where Su-Kam came to his rescue. You can watch the entire video here in this post.





sukam-bangalore-solarc32 cb setting switch solar pcu solar pcu back panel   sukam solar PCU


1. Why did you decide to go for solar?

Sushil: There is almost no electricity in the area where I have built my house in the countryside. The idea for me to build the place was to enjoy the calm away from the hustle and bustle of Bangalore but the electricity issue spoils half the fun for me. Solar power not only solves this problem but is also clean and green.

2. How did you get to know about us?

Sushil: I dropped an email on your website and was put in touch with your distributor Mr Arun. Everything was handle long distance; we Skyped a couple of times and that was it. In fact, we met only after everything was ready and the payment was done.

3. How was the installation process carried out?

Arun: We came down from Bangalore to check the place and the load he would require. With all the lighting and other appliances like the fridge, we estimated that it would come to about 1.5 to 2 KW and suggested the same to him.

4. What are the questions you had about going solar?

Sushil: The first question was obviously about how much load I need. The second was about the usage of my system – I will only be staying in this house from time to time and I had heard that irregular usage would be a problem.

Arun: It is indeed a problem if the system is not used for a very long time. So we kept an option in our PCU where the first priority is solar, the second is battery and the third is the grid. This way we drain out the excess power not used through the battery.
How did you maintain the beauty of the house?

Sushil: It was very important that the look of the house was not spoilt. So we created a separate place to house the batteries and the PCU and draw the wires in such a way that they were not visible.

5. Are you happy with Su-Kam?

Sushil: I am very happy. Right now I can come down here any time and have a cold beer and not worry about the food getting spoilt. I am completely independent now when it comes to electricity. I would recommend Arun to anyone and everyone who is planning to set up something like this.


If you are a proud owner of Su-kam Solar PCU, do share your experience in the comment box below.



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