5 Reasons why Su-kam Solar DC System is Awesome?

What is solar DC system?

As you know solar power gets generated in DC (Direct Current) but all our electrical equipment are designed to run on AC (Alternating Current) so an inverter is installed to convert DC into AC – this conversion causes loss of energy. However now it is possible to get fans, lights , and even TV which can run on DC. You get great energy efficiency!

DC Solar in India

The Su-kam solar DC system is an innovative and environment-friendly, complete home lighting solar solution that has the power to remove darkness from millions of lives.

A standard package can light up to

one 12V 25W DC (BLDC) fan,

Two 3W LED along with the

USB mobile charger point.

# DC light, DC fan, DC TV and other DC appliances up to 120W can be run easily with this system.
With merely at a cost of around Rs. 15,000 for the package and the installment, Su-kam DC solar system comes with the following:

(i) 100 AH Solar Tubular battery,
(ii) two solar fans,
(iii) two LED lights,
(iv) one DC inverter and
(v) one solar panel.

Su-Kam Solar DC System Package

Sukam solar DC system package

USB mobile charging port sukam solar DC

Why you need to Install Su-kam Solar DC system?

Su-kam solar DC system has a galaxy of benefits that one can enjoy:

1. Power saving: It saves power by 70% on DC LED lights and fans as compared AC CFL light and fans.
2. Reduces energy loss: Energy conversion loss is minimized by 20%-30%.
3. Long backup: The connected battery is charged from solar power in the day time and then the battery backup is used in the night to light-up the LED lamps.
4. Most reliable: The continuous supply of solar power makes it one of the most reliable systems.
5Economical: Now one can get rid of high electricity bills, once and for all!


Here is a User Review for Su-Kam solar DC system!

Su-kam’s Solar DC System Lights up a Home in Haryana Village

Solar in Villages

How to control your Electricity Bill with Solar DC system?

Does your electricity bill increase your blood pressure every month? Su-kam has come up with the perfect and ultimate solution with its Solar Direct Current (DC) System.

Mr Mukesh Kumar, who has been associated with Su-kam for the past eight years, tells us how relieved he was after he installed Su-kam solar DC system at his house and his workshop in Julana, a village in Jind district of Haryana.

With a population of approximately 14000, Julana is one village that hardly witnesses load shedding and the people are obviously not spared from the heavy electricity bills.

Mr Kumar’s home was the first one to be lit with solar DC system in the village and he feels proud of this addition to the house.

With a family of six – including his parents, wife and two children – Mr Kumar’s house has always been lit up, be it for his kids’ studies or his parents and wife’s daily needs.

All his life he had faced a lot of difficulties keeping up with the electricity bills at home and in the workshop. He had to find a way out to curb the bills, so he opted for Su-kam solar DC system and live a hassle-free life.
Sukam solar DC

Home Powered with Su-Kam Solar DC system

Go solar today! Order you very own Su-kam solar DC system.



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