6 Inspiring Su-Kam Solar Products at Solar Exhibitions

Su-Kam, which has the largest market share in residential solar sector in India, is now on an exhibition spree to display its innovative solar solutions around the world.

After successful exhibitions in Nepal, South Africa and Delhi, team Su-Kam travelled Uttar (Lucknow) and Dakshin (Bangalore) to showcase its green products.


Products on display at North India Solar Summit in Lucknow and Green Summit in Bangalore:

PV Grid Tie Inverters: Su-Kam’s Grid-Tie inverter, which lets you power our home/business through solar and feed excess solar power generated back to the grid, are meant for Indian conditions

Touchscreen MPPT Solar PCU: India’s first touchscreen Wi-Fi enabled solar PCU is perfect for off-grid solar solutions

Brainy: World’s first hybrid solar inverter, Sukam’s Brainy, is a cost-effective solar solution especially for homes.

Solarcon: Intelligent solar charge controller which can be connected to existing inverter and convert them into solar inverter.

Solar Street light: This Street light is extra special because it comes with in-built battery so that it continues working even during night

Electroscopy: World’s first device which can check efficiency of two electrical equipment

Green Summit 2015 – Bengaluru

Green Summit in Bangalore is the largest expo dedicated to renewable energy. The event was inaugurated by CM of Karnataka, Mr. Siddaramaiah.


DK Shivakumar - green summit bengaluru

Karnataka’s net-metering policy pays a high rate to customers for selling solar power. Naturally, hundreds came flocking to see Su-Kam’s solar products thanks to solar-friendly energy policy of Karnataka.

Through Su-Kam’s grid-tie inverters they can use free electricity through solar and sell the excess solar electricity they make back to electricity company (BESCOM), who will gladly pay them up to Rs. 9 per unit – isn’t that a lucrative proposition?

Goes without saying that we got a great response and were graced by the presence of Karnataka’s Minister of Energy, DK Shivakumar.

Green summit 2015 – Bengaluru – Official site


North India Solar Summit 2015 – Lucknow



North India Solar Summit – official site

On the other side (quite literally), team Su-Kam was busy showing solar innovations to Mr. Akhilesh Yadav, the CM of Uttar Pradesh. He was particulary interested in our innovative solar street light.

Usually solar street lights have external batteries but Su-Kam made street lights with in-built battery so that they continue to work even during absence of sun. Another good thing is that external batteries are at the risk of getting stolen or damaged but in-built batteries are totally safe!

We also thanked Mr. Yadav for giving Su-Kam the opportunity to install DC home lighting system in 40,000 households in remote villages of UP. Thanks to that project, we were able to use the similar technology to get electricity to villages in Gabon who has never had access to power before that.


Picture Gallery – Green Summit 2015, Bengaluru

sukam_solar_2 sukam_solar_3 sukam_solar_6 sukam_solar_7 sukam_solar_8 sukam_solar_10 sukam_solar_12 sukam_solar_14 sukam_solar_15

It is truly rewarding to receive so much appreciation from public, foreign delegates, ministers and members of public for our solar innovations. We will continue coming up with green energy solutions till the time every house in India runs on solar.

Check out our solar products and go solar today!



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