7 Best Solar Installations in India: Must See How India went Solar in 2015

Year 2015 turned out to be indeed eventful with PM Modi stressing on solarising India. He took forward this great initiative by bringing in awareness related to solar and also came up with a plan to be executed in phases. Now, India can finally move out of darkness and step into light with at least 55 cities being developed as solar cities.

Mr Kunwer Sachdeva, MD of Su-Kam Power Systems Limited has always said and believed in the power of solar. A dedicated R & D Unit at Su-Kam is the prove of how driven he is for coming up with innovative solar products to revolutionize power solutions in India.

What makes solar a popular choice is its accessibility. It can easily reach the remotest of villages in India and it is free. As we come close to the year end, we bring to you 7 best solar installations in India that you can take inspiration from:

1. 100% solar villages in UP:

Villages in India Going Solar

Inaugurated by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, this solar power system now lights up 517 households and 15 agricultural units in Fakir Pura and Chanduahar villages in UP. A 250 KW mini grid solar system is a mini plant which provides electricity to the village houses & farmers’ land through the distribution line. A total of one thousand solar panels have been used in this project. 100 KVA inverter that is used in this project will give output of three phases of alternating current (AC) supply.

2. Solar Plant at ITM University, Gurgaon:

150KWp ITM University Gurgaon

A 150 KWP solar plant has been installed in the parking area of ITM University in Sector 23 Gurgaon. The system will generate approximately two lakhs twelve thousand units of electricity per annum, which will amount to a saving of around Rs 12,72,000 in a year – and more than Rs. 2 crores in 25 years as the average life span of such an installation is between 20-25 years. This saving can then be easily redirected to provide better facilities to the students at the university.

3. Solar Resort in Ladakh:

solar powered resort ladakh - 0084

Looking at this picture all that we can say is that if heaven was to go solar, it would look something like this. This resort in Nubra valley in Ladakh runs on solar because unlike heaven, powercuts are evry common here. Generators can only ruin the beauty of this place and the health of tourist who come here to unwind. Resort owners were quick to realize that and decided to go off-the-grid by installing Su-Kam’s off-grid solar power system.

4. Grid-tie rooftop solar plant at State Bank Academy:


The academy spread across 11 acres of land gets abundant sunshine throughout the year. Making the most of this the heads of the academy decided to solarize their campus. The grid-tie solar rooftop will generate over 1,40,000 units of electricity annually. The institute will thus save approximately Rs 12,60,000 in a year. Considering that the life of such a system is 25 years, the academy will save over 3 crores in long term!

5. 100 KWP Solar Power Plant at IIFCO Tower, Gurgaon:

100KWp IFFCO..

The 100 KWP grid-tie solar plant setup in the parking area of IIFCO Tower will generate approximately two lakh five thousand units per year and a saving of nearly Rs. 12,60,000 per annum. This building is the office of three blooming organisations – SIEMENS, Iffco-Tokio General Insurance and GlobalVantedge. Now, going solar will not only ensure clean, green, renewable energy generation but also enhance the revenue generation.

6. 100 KWP Solar installation at Huda City Centre metro station:


As of now the power requirement of the metro railway services is 150 MV which is expected to reach almost double in the upcoming years when the third phase gets into operation. Su-Kam installed a 100 KWP grid-tie solar system in the parking area of Huda City Centre metro station. The system will generate 1,40,000 units of electricity i.e. Rs. 8,40,000 annually.

7. Solar Plant at Sukhram Hospital, Haryana:

solar hospital, haryana

40 solar panels of 250 Watts each are installed at Sukhram Hospital, Mahendergarh (Haryana). The initial cost of installation which is approximately Rs. 7.25 lakhs can be easily recovered in the next few years and then free electricity can be enjoyed for a lifetime. This installation will now successfully run all the hospital equipment. Also, now the patients can be treated without any major glitches even at night. This will especially be beneficial in cases of emergencies which were previously getting delayed.


Do you want India to run on sun? If yes, then call us on 1800-102-7555 and go solar with Su-Kam.

Happy Solar New Year!



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