7 Things That New Indian Startups and Entreprenuers Can Learn from Kunwer Sachdeva

11800265_1456990937939698_601827648436623695_nWhat could keep the founder and Managing Director of India’s most trusted power back up brand, Su-Kam, awake at night? What could keep the man away from sleep who created a brand which has seen unprecedented success in just two decades?

The answer is NOTHING.

This is the answer Kunwer Sachdeva, scion of Su-Kam Power Systems, gave to a group of fired-up entrepreneurs during an informal session at IIT-Delhi. The program jointly initiated by TIE and FIIT (IIT Delhi) was started with a vision to equip entrepreneurs with the skills and insights to accelerate their entrepreneurial journey.

We have created this blog based on his answers because they were as awesome as he is. Here’s what every newbie entrepreneur can take from Kunwer’s life:

1. It Doesn’t Matter Where You Start From

Hailing from a simple middle class family, Kunwer, sometimes had to borrow money from friends and relatives to sustain his passion – starting a business of his own. He started his entrepreneurial journey from a tiny 6*8 shop in a dilapidated building in Delhi.

,m2. Make Your Start-up the ‘Love of your Life’ Give it your 100% attention

Entrepreneurs must focus on their work and Kunwer possess that in abundance. His focus on his work is undeterred even now when he has an established business. However, back in the days when he was just a start-up, he had to make huge sacrifices.

In the early 1990s he bought a Spectrum Analyser, a machine much needed for his business for Rs. 20 lakhs. The money meant a lot to him because with that money he could buy a house for his family, but he chose to spend it for his business; “a very tough choice”, he says.

Even now he doesn’t hesitate in spending money on business; he sees it as an investment. If he had to spend the same amount of money for personal needs he would think hard.,e

3. Don’t Copy Others: Be a Trend Setter; Think Out-of-the-Box

Kunwer was way out of his league. He always devised his own marketing strategies and in that process became a trend setter. In the early days, when Kunwer was still learning the ABC of business, he learnt how profitable newspaper ads could be for his business. But, giving an ad was expensive. He then thought of an alternate way. He realised classified columns in newspapers were much cheaper than regular ad columns. So he bought all the classified columns thus getting a full page ad.

Another example of his out-of-the-box thinking is when he decided to advertise his brand further. He knew boards and hoardings was a good medium to get people to know your brand but the costs were too steep. So he devised a clever solution; he made boards with the name of the shop or dhaba and printed Su-Kam underneath that. This was a win-win situation for both the shop owner and Su-Kam. Kunwer also got money from shop owners.,r

4. Don’t Run After Money: If You’re Good Money Will Follow

Money he says is never stable in an entrepreneur’s life. In his journey he made tons of money, lost them and again made them. So if you are an entrepreneur and your aim is to only make money then you are wrong. Entrepreneurs are risk takers and in doing so they are bound to make mistakes and lose money.

The trick is to completely immerse yourself in your business. Money is a by-product.,v

5. Find Motivation in Everyday Things Including Failures

You don’t need to go to seminars or buy expensive courses to stay motivated in your business or your life. Kunwer Sachdeva says that he finds motivation in day-to-day activities. For example, he recently read somewhere that a person maintained headstand for 40 minutes so he is now determined to reach this feet.

Every time he fails at something, he learns and gets charged up to do it right or not do it at all.

6. Don’t be Afraid of Challengers because they’ll Never Stop Coming Your Way

Many entrepreneurs think that once their business flourishes the challenges will lessen. However, this is not the case. The more you grow the bigger the challenges. Having said that, by the time you’ve established your business you become so seasoned that you will be better equipped to handle the challenges.

Thus, with time challenges will increase but the strength to fight them will also increase.

11223543_1456990974606361_5352309458447812845_n7. Sabr ka Phal Meetha Hota hai: Learn to be Patient

‘Patience’ is a mantra he recommends to all start-ups. He has seen entrepreneurs who are on the brink of achieving success give up. The initial period in an entrepreneur’s life is hard and full of challenges. This is where patience comes handy.

Want to learn about Kunwer Sachdeva’s life and journey? Watch his candid interview on Zindagi Live with Richa Anirudh:



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