8 Things You Must Check Before Buying an Inverter for Home

Inverter (also called as UPS) has now become a necessary part of our homes. With powercuts still troubling many parts of India, Inverter serves as a reliable source of backup power. Due to this necessity, the Indian market is flooded with various brands and models of home inverters. They throw big technical words such as ‘sine wave’, ‘transformerless’, ‘high frequency’, ‘high efficiency’  etc which may often seem confusing to an ordinary customer. People say that that they want the ‘best inverter’, but how can you define ‘best’?

It is very important to choose an inverter carefully because it is going to stay for at least 5 years (most of Su-Kam’s inverters can work non-stop for 15 years) in your home. Once installed, it is inconvenient to replace a home inverter. It is not like getting a new phone. :). Better be safe than sorry, as they say.

Check These 8 Things Before You Buy an Inverter

We have made an easy checklist for you that you can use to select the best inverter for your home or business. Please watch the video to learn 8 very important points that you should consider when choosing an inverter. If you find the video helpful, then please share it so that others can also benefit.



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