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This Entire Hospital in Telangana is Now Solar Powered! Grid-tie Solar Inverter Helps Keep the Electricity Bill Low

Dr. Dev Pal Reddy owns a Nursing Home in Telangana state called ‘Sri Lata Nursing home'. This nursing home is a large hospital that runs high wattage appliances that use a lot of power over the day to run. Dev Pal Reddy spent INR 25000...

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Why this Hospital in Maharashtra Installed Online UPS for Backup Power? Here are the Tech Specs:

This story narrated by Su-Kam’s distributor Mr. Vishwajeet, who installed Su-Kam’s inverter that runs an entire hospital. Here is what happened - How Did This Inverter Help This Man? Ankur Superspeciality Women’s Hospital is located in Nanded, Maharashtra. Dr. Pratawar is the owner of this...

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20 Hours of Daily Powercuts Made this Hospital in Jammu Install Solar!

This story is narrated by Su-Kam’s service engineer who recently assisted in carrying out the installation of a solar system in a hospital in Jammu. Read to find out what he told us: Life Before Solar in This Hospital! Sub District Hospital is located in...

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This Solar System in a Hospital in Hardoi Runs 15 Tubelights, Fans and Medical Equipment

Here is a story about how nursing home spent INR 60,000 on diesel generator per month and is now in process of solarizing the entire hospital. They want to thank Su-Kam for helping them see the real benefit of solar. Life Before Solar Power This...

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How This Hospital in Haryana Runs on Solar?

Rural India remains significantly underdeveloped in terms of healthcare facilities at hospitals and health care centers, making it inevitable for them to travel miles to reach the nearest cities and avail adequate treatment. Why hospitals should go solar? Hospitals consume a lot of diesel for...

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