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This Village in Haryana Gets Only 2 Hours of Electricity from Grid Daily. Solar is Becoming a Life Saver Here!

Only 1 or 2 hours of powercuts are enough to annoy us. But what happens when not the powercuts, but the electricity from grid lasts only 1 or 2 hours? Yes, sadly, there are many places in India that suffer from acute problem of lack...

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Did You Know That Nagaland is Slowly Going Solar? 1000 Solar Lights Installed in Villages

Here is an interesting story about how Su-kam helped to bring light into the dark streets of Nagaland by installing over 1000 Solar street lights. This story is narrated by Mr. Zhatou, who is Su-Kam’s authorized distributor located in Nagaland. Read the full story -...

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This Farmhouse in Village Has No Grid Connectivity But Gets 24×7 Power From 25 Solar Lights

Here is an interesting story about a farmhouse that has lived in the dark for months because of no electricity lines in that area. The owners then opted for Su-Kam solar street lights and finally saw light in their farmhouse. Here is what happened: Why...

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Village in Maharashtra That Gets Only 3 Hours of Power Supply Installs Solar Lights

Here is an interesting story about a village that has lived in the dark for decades and finally saw a ray of hope. Wondering if solar is worth it? Read on, this article will answer all your questions. Why A ‘Solar’ Street Light? Solar power...

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Constant and LONG Powercuts Make Villagers in Punjab Turn to DC Solar System. How it works?

Only 30 minutes of powercut seem to cause a big problem to us city dwellers, but have we ever thought how would it be to live in an area where powercuts long 20 hours on occasions? Yes, this is the sad reality that many villages...

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How Solar DC Homelighting Systems Are Providing 24×7 Electricity to Remote Villages in India

Recently Su-Kam power systems limited helped a number of homes located in Village Rasari to finally see light because of solar power. Here is a story about one of the homes owned by Ms. Rambha Rajabahr who thanked Su-Kam with kind words after her home...

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Solar Street Light Proving To Be a Blessing for this Village in Tamil Nadu That Has No Electricity

WHY SOLAR STREET LIGHT? With solar slowly growing popularity across India, we are seeing a rising number of solar installations be it complete solar systems running house loads and making them independent from the grid supply or solar standalone street lights bringing light into a...

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Solar India: 3 Houses In One Village Go Solar to Make Savings and Get 24/7 Power

Like most Indian villages Kharkra village in Meham, Rohtak also faced serious power crunch. Electricity was available for just 8 hours per day; 6 hours at night and 2 hours during the day. Due to the prolonged power cut their inverter and battery was quite...

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A submersible solar-powered pump installed at a village in Gujarat!

Gujarat is fast-becoming a solar hub with a great number of homes, offices, schools, institutes, banks, and temples going solar for their power needs. Its accessibility and affordability makes it a popular choice among masses. The increasing awareness and the various campaigns are also reasons...

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