A glimpse of R&D at Su-Kam


R&D holds a very prominent place at Su-Kam, as innovation has been the mantra that has propelled Su-Kam to such heights of success.  MD of Su-Kam, Mr. Kunwer Sachdev has always emphasised that new thoughts and ideas, when worked upon by a team of dedicated experts, bring about new products, added features, new technologies and open up new areas to explore. Thus, untiring efforts  of  the dedication team of experts has been instrumental in making R&D a core competency of Su-Kam.

The high standards of R&D at Su-Kam has been recognized and appreciated by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Govt. of India. Su-Kam has also won the prestigious Enertia Award’2011 for Technology and Innovation – Renewable Energy category in recognition of its initiatives in the field of Solar Energy, the ISA award for excellence under the highly competitive solar/energy category for its product- Solar Power Conditioning Unit, the Elcina-EFY Award for Excellence, 2010– for excellence in Research & Development. 

Su-Kam’s  R&D strength is reinforced with extensive infrastructure that includes state-of-the-art equipment like Power Analyzers, Digital Scopes, Waveform Generator, Curve Tracer, Protocol Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzers, Brake Dynamometer, Emulator and Simulator for DSP & Micro Controller applications, and Programmable Power Supplies. This enables Su-Kam to develop design capabilities that are at par with the finest international standards.

 Driven by concerns for the environment, Su-kam R&D is constantly at work to develop newer, more efficient solar products – inverters, chargers and charge controllers, harnessing the endless energy of the sun for our daily power needs.



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