A submersible solar-powered pump installed at a village in Gujarat!

Gujarat is fast-becoming a solar hub with a great number of homes, offices, schools, institutes, banks, and temples going solar for their power needs. Its accessibility and affordability makes it a popular choice among masses.

The increasing awareness and the various campaigns are also reasons for a large number of people to switch to this alternate source of electricity generation. Recently, a village in Gujarat saw yet another solar installation.

Submersible Solar-powered Pump installed at Bodka village, Bharuch:

On the occasion of Makarsakranti (Uttrayan), a family residing at Bodka village in Bharuch district, Gujarat decided to install a submersible pump that would run on solar. Consequently, they got in touch with ‘Rising Green Energy’ – a trusted partner with Su-Kam Power Systems Limited. They responded promptly and did this beautiful solar installation.

This pump runs on 3KV solar panels for the entire day and thus, now they don’t have to pay any separate electricity bills for this pump. This means that now they can use the pump without having to worry about the electricity bills.


Technical Specifications:

  • 12 Solar Panel of 250 Watts each
  • 3hp submersible pump (falcon)
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) controller 450 volts

Solar pump benefits:

This entire installation costed around Rs. 70000 which is worth every penny as now the pump can be used for free for a lifetime. Moreover, it’s maintenance-free.


Go solar and see the difference:

Dial 09998384066 to reach Mr Bharat Prajapati who heads Rising Green Energy or 1800-102-7555 and start your solar journey with Su-Kam today. Going solar has never been this easy and convenient.

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