Amar Chawla’s business relationship with Su-Kam, in which he plays the part of a supplier of Inverter Fans, had commenced in 2003. Inverter Fans are used for cooling the power back-up devices in which they are fitted. These components are indispensable in their importance for the production of quality inverters. Amar’s Bangalore-located concern serves a number of big industry players. Su-Kam is one of the biggest of Amar’s customers, but not ‘the biggest’. Nevertheless, the inverter manufacturing major has a special place for Amar in his scheme of things on account of the cordial and harmonious relationship he has had with it over the many years of mutual association.


Winsome smile indeed: Amar Chawla, Su-Kam’s Bangalore-based supplier

Amar hails from a traditional business family. His firm, constituted in 1966, is organised in the form of a Partnership in which Amar is a full-time partner. This B.Com graduate from the University of Bangalore contends that what distinguishes Su-Kam as a client is a relentless adherence to transparency. Payments have always been prompt and the “coffee served at the Su-Kam Gurgaon facility always hot”. He’s, of-course, referring to the warmth in dealings with Su-Kam as a whole. Indeed, Amar fondly recounts memories of visiting the Reception at Su-Kam Gurgaon and walking in to meet the MD, Mr Kunwer Sachdev, without prior appointment. He says that he has always found the MD to be cooperative and encouraging. He shares some of his first memories of visiting the MD’s office; of coming across an inscription on the table that read “Have you brought a problem to me, or have you brought a solution to me.” Amar believes that he learnt something new and invaluable every time he came visiting the MD.

And the last time Amar came visiting was a couple of months ago in Delhi for a Business Partners Meet. Being a gentleman and a survivor – he had rode roughshod through the twin economic severities of 1992 and 2000 – Amar upholds the belief that honest and persevering businesses can overcome great challenges by working diligently in tandem.



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