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Su-Kam is India’s leading solar power solutions company, with presence in over 90 countries worldwide, that offers innovative products to suit every kind of power need with a focus on green energy solutions like solar. We love green and clean energy so you’ll find lots of posts related to solar – yes, we do want you to go solar with Su-Kam. Follow our blog to get interesting news and updates from the most awarded power solutions brand in India – Su-Kam.

How Did Su-Kam Start as a Company?

Su-Kam initially started as a cable communications company in 1988 by an ordinary middle-class Punjabi boy who was in his mid-20s – Kunwer Sachdeva. Kunwer decided to shut his profitable cable TV business in 2000 because he wanted to make excellent quality inverters in India. The eureka moment happened when his home inverter broke for the 100th time and he decided to see what’s inside. Year after year Su-Kam surprised the inverter industry with innovations such as sine wave inverters, world’s first plastic body inverters, 3-phase inverters, inverters which could power AC and lifts and so on – and the innovation never stops at Su-Kam.

What Products Does Su-Kam Make?

Su-Kam manufactures inverters, UPS, batteries, battery equalizers and complete range of solar products. Su-Kam has become such a household name that when people think of buying an inverter, Su-Kam instantly comes to their minds. However now Su-Kam is on a mission to solarize India. Su-Kam has the biggest market share when it comes to India’s residential solar. Su-Kam’s big solar portfolio includes solar inverters, solar charge controllers, solar Power Conditioning Units, solar street lighting solutions, solar DC homelighting system, solar on-grid and off-grid packages – basically anything and everything you need to build a big solar power plant or to light a small house.

Innovation Thy Name is Su-Kam

Our founder and MD, Kunwer Sachdeva, firmly believes “I innovate therefore I am”. When you have a founder who established India’s biggest power solutions company without any business or engineering degree, you are never short on motivation to innovate. Su-Kam’s R&D is a second home to technical experts, scientists and engineers who work together to create excellent products backed by technology.

Su-Kam has successfully launched India’s first inverter, Falcon Plus, that runs on 4th generation microprocessor and has Automatic Temperature Compensation, ATC. The company has also created India’s first and only wi-fi enabled touch-screen inverter. Su-Kam has also developed Electroscopie – a smart device which can measure the performance of two AC equipment such as inverters, refrigerators, washing machines etc.

Most-Awarded Brand

Su-Kam has won many awards in India and abroad for its products, technological innovations and brand excellence. Su-Kam has also made it to the list of India Inc’s list of fastest growing companies in India. Recently Su-Kam was titles as India’s Most-trusted brand based on nation-wide voting.

#MakeinIndia but Sell Worldwide

Su-Kam is among India’s best home-grown companies that have gained popularity in foreign markets. Su-Kam products reach more than 90 countries worldwide. It has offices around the world including Nigera, Kenya, Dubai, Nepal and US. It is a proud Bhartiya movement when you see people in foreign countries choosing Indian over American and Chinese products. Su-Kam is a sought-after brand in many countries and in Africa  has been crowned with the title of ‘Most Reliable Inverter Brand.’

Let’s Solarize India with Su-Kam

Our founder, Kunwer Sachdev, has said that his dream is to see solar in every house in India. Team Su-Kam is working hard to turn this into reality. By far Su-Kam has solarized lacs of homes in India. In Uttar Pradesh, Su-Kam has solarized two villages entirely as they draw electricity from mini solar power plant installed by Su-Kam. Su-Kam’s solar DC homelighting systems have brought light to many household in rural India. Our solar installations range from rugged terrains of Assam Rifles to Punjab Engineering College in Chandigarh. Many schools, colleges, offices and hospitals in India run on Su-Kam’s solar power systems.

We would truly like to see a Solar Bharat so join us and go solar. We would love to hear from you. Call us on 1800-102-4423.



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