After #OddEven Formula Can Going Solar Help the Environment?

The Odd-even formula in Delhi is receiving a lot of attention. While some support the idea others find it to be useless. If the Government can tell its citizens what number of car they can drive on road, can it also tell them what kind of energy they should use? No, we do not know the answer but it surely is an interesting topic for a TV debate.

Why You Must Watch this Interesting ZeeNews Debate on Why Indian Houses Should Run on Solar?

Got 18 minutes? Please do check out what do politicians, environmentalist and solar energy companies think about the idea of making Indian houses and businesses run on solar.

When Kartik Sachdev, Marketing Head of Su-Kam, Made Everyone Think:

During the debate, Kartik Sachdev was asked how feasible it is to use solar electricity. His answer deserves a standing ovation! Kartik confidently explained how solar energy prices have come down by 100% since 1977. “Solar energy is not only cheaper when compared to generating electricity from diesel gensets, it is also great from the environment! Making energy from solar saves tonnes of carbon dioxide. And the best part is that Su-Kam, a 100% ‘Made in India company, makes great solar products so there is no need to waste money on cheap Chinese counterparts”, said Kartik Sachdev on behalf of Su-Kam.

If you are a true Indian, then go solar!

Swacchh Bharat = Solar Bharat



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