After Seeing the Benefits of Solar in Their Neighbour’s House, This Family in Jaipur Also Installed Solar

Mr. Sunil stays in Village Mangyawas in Jaipur state with his family. The area that this inverter is located receives no electricity and Sunil was struggling with this problem for a long time.

Sunil had a neighbour, who is a lawyer and had installed a solar system in this home and his neighbor explained to him the benefits of solar power. And so Sunil contacted his nearby Su-Kam’s authorized distributor, Mr. Yogesh Sharma.


Yogesh understood Sunil’s requirements and suggested he must go in for solar power without much thinking. He further explained how he could run his load eventually on absolutely free solar power and not spend a penny on electricity expenses. Sunil then decided to install Su-Kam’s Solar power conditioning unit.


Jaipur state receives ample amount of sunlight. With an average of 10 hour and 17 minutes of day light in this month of December, a solar installation would be perfect for this area.

After a detailed site inspection of the home, Yogesh decided to install Su-Kam’s Solar PCU in Mr. Sunil’s home.

Technical Specifications

  1. Su-Kam Solar PCU – 3KVA/48V
  2. Su-Kam’s Batteries – 4 (150AH)
  3. Sukam Solar Panels – 250W/24V (8 Panels)


Load Running and Units Generated

The system runs the full load of the house that includes 2 Fans, 5 Tubelights, 1 HP motor and 1 TV.

This installation was a success and Mr. Sunil is happy with the installation.

We had a candid conversation with Mr. Sunil, ‘I am thankful to Su-Kam since they provided me a good solar system to install in my home. I have no electricity coming from the grid and this solar system will now help me run my load on solar power.’


We then spoke to Mr. Yogesh and he said, ‘We have installed solar PCU in their home looking closely into their load requirements. This solar PCU will help them run their load comfortably on solar power.’

We wish Mr. Sunil and his family all the best and best of luck for the coming days. Follow Su-Kam’s Blogs to know more about inverter installations. We will keep you updated about all interesting solar stories too.

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For further details, please contact –

Mr. Yogesh Sharma – 09829010035

Contact the customer on the following address –

Mr. Sunil Sharma – 09784542118

Plot 143 Hanumat Vihar

Village Mangyawas




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