After Solar Powered Homes and Offices, Meet a Solar Temple in India

Why was solar power required in this area?

Narayan is the owner of a temple located in Sanchore, District Jalore, Rajasthan. This temple required to run its appliances and due to power cuts every day, they needed a power backup system. The temple ran its AC appliances on mains power and during the power cuts, they bought a small 40W solar panel and a 20AH battery with which they ran DC appliances like 2 bulbs and a DC fan. But Narayan wanted a permanent solution for running all the appliances.

Narayan then approached his nearby dealer Mr. Kaluram who suggested him to install a solar system in his temple.

District Jalore receives ample amount of sunlight. With an average of 11 hours and 50 mins of daylight in this month of March, a solar installation would bring all the right results.

How brainy eco made all the difference?

This is how the installation of Brainy Eco looks:


It is an intelligent off-grid solar system that runs both on solar and mains. In this hospital, for example, if they want to use mains power whenever it is available, they can select grid priority so that whenever mains is available the load will run on mains and battery will charge by mains. On all other times, it will give priority to solar. The same way one can select solar priority to maximum use solar power at all times.

After a detailed inspection of this temple, Kaluram decided to install the following—

Technical Specifications:

  1. Su-Kam Brainy Eco 1600
  2. Su-Kam’s solar panels – 600W
  3. Battery – 150AH – 2


Load running and units generated

This solar system generates approximately 3 to 5 units of electricity every day depending on the weather conditions and runs 2 tubelights, 1 refrigerator and 1 fan. The load doesn’t run together at all times.

The installation was a success and Mr. Narayan is pleased with the outcome.

Mr. Kaluram says, ‘Mr. Narayan approached us with a requirement of installing a solar system in his temple. This area experiences power cuts about 6 to 7 hours daily and they required a backup system but they personally asked for an advanced technology inverter that could last long as well as have less maintenance. We understood their requirement and suggested Brainy Eco solar inverter. It has an inbuilt 30 amps solar charge controller so they don’t have to buy a separate unit. This inverter will be perfect for them.’

To understand how an off-grid solar system works, please watch this video:

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For further details please contact—

Mr. Kaluram – 09982989696

Raj Lakshmi electro device



Contact the customer on the following address—

Narayangiri Paharpura – 09549415331

Temple in Sanchore

Jalore district




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