After Watching Solar Videos on YouTube, I Installed Solar in my Home in UP. My Son Can Now Study Well with 24X7 Electricity.

Mr. Ansaar stays in Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh state with his family. The area that Ansaar lives in experiences frequent power cuts and he required a backup system to run the bare necessities of his home like tube lights and fans.

Ansaar then starting doing some research on the internet about solar power. He wanted to install a solar system in his home. And he did not know what he should buy and how much it will cost him. He then stumbled upon Su-Kam’s YouTube channel and there he discovered a gold mine of videos that helped him understand about the concept of solar power and much more.

Ansaar watched these videos for days until he finally decided to go and buy his first solar system. He went to his nearby dealer located in Ghaziabad and bought his first solar system.


Uttar Pradesh state receives ample amount of sunlight. With an average of 10 hour and 17 minutes of day light in this month of December, a solar installation would be perfect for this area.

Here is what Ansaar bought!

Technical Specifications

  1. Su-Kam SHARK digital inverter – 650VA
  2. Battery 150AH
  3. Su-Kam Solar Panels 150W – 2 and 100W – 1 (Total 400W)


Load Running and Units Generated

This system runs 4 tubelights and 2 fans. This installation was a success and Mr. Ansaar is happy with the installation.

We had a candid conversation with Mr. Ansaar, ‘I am excited about this new solar installation in my home. I always was fascinated with the concept of solar power and how we can use free power from the sun to run our load. I did a lot of research on the internet to find the best solar inverter and landed with Su-Kam. After my research, I just went to the market and bought myself a brand-new Su-Kam inverter and battery with an external solar charge controller. My electricity bill was INR 2000 every month and it has reduced to INR 1200. After seeing this difference in my bill, I have decided to install a larger solar system in my home.’

We wish Mr. Ansaar and his family all the best and best of luck for the coming days. We are glad to know that the citizens of India are taking such a keen interest in solar power.


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Some of Ansaar’s favourite videos are:

How Su-Kam’s Shark inverter works:

How to convert a non-solar inverter into a solar inverter:

Looking for the best solar charge controller? This video answers all your questions:

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For further details, please contact:

Mr. Ansaari – 07827993456

Ikram Nagar Loni


Uttar Pradesh



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