All Empowered with Su-Kam

Customers buy products by either going to stores that stock products from different companies, or from dealerships that stock only a particular product, albeit from different brands. In either event, when it comes to power back-up products, it has been observed that Su-Kam is the overwhelming favorite. One might ask why, and the answer comes from the many Su-Kam customers themselves – affordable devices that are easy to operate, and almost never go bad.

But in the case of Su-Kam, it’s not just the customers who feel that the company makes great products, and then backs it up with excellent service. Speak to any Su-Kam dealer, and he too will testify that the relationship he shares with the company is very special. It goes beyond sales incentives and stocking products, and is a more intimate, human involvement. It unites Su-Kam, its customers, and its supply chain, into one big happy family.

Saini Battery in Barabanki is a Su-Kam dealer who have received tremendous support from the company, and it is this support that has helped them prosper in business. A group of Su-Kam customers from Faizabad feel the same way. Mr. Rajesh Yadav, Mr. Sunil Kumar, andPuja Studio have been Su-Kam customers for years, and are very happy with their inverters. Mr. Jasvinder Singhand Mr. Uma Shankar Bajpai from Kanpur, and the PNG Company from Lucknow are also loyal patrons of Su-Kam, who enjoy uninterrupted power. These people from various parts of Uttar Pradesh feel a sense of freedom and strength. They have power all the time – Su-Kam has empowered them all!

To dealers, Su-Kam provides a support that exceeds a business relationship. To its home customers, Su-Kam gives peace of mind, and to enables its business customers to chase their dreams, not ever having to worry about power failure.

Contact info of some of the above customers:

Puja Studio: Naka Checkpost, District – Faizabad.

Mr. Jasvinder Singh: 485/2, Shastri Nagar, Opp. Pili Building, Lucknow.

Mr. Uma Shakar Bajpai: J-2/77/13, Vijay Nagar, Near Mahatma Gandhi School, Kanpur.




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