Su-Kam – A name for all power back ups

It was seen that when power back-up options first appeared, there were only two options. One was the loud, often polluting, generator. The other, perhaps even worse, was the home-made, crude, and unreliable inverter. But that was the power back-up industry in its days of infancy – about 10 to 12 years ago. Today, with a whole new breed of companies and products, things have changed dramatically. No longer does one have to rely on obsolete technology, or choose environmentally unsafe products. What we have, instead, are modern, clean and efficient power back-up products.

Leading the way for this technological revolution has been Su-Kam. The pioneering vision of its MD Kunwer Sachdev, has forged Su-Kam into the unquestionable leader in the power back-up solutions industry today. The brand’s mainstay are its inverters.

The crucial point here, however, is that when Su-Kam makes inverters, it’s not just one or two models. It is a virtual playground of models – of different capacities, using different technologies, and for a wide range of applications. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that whatever the requirement, Su-Kam has an inverter just perfect for it. Be it a small-sized, plastic inverter that goes well into homes; a large capacity sine wave inverter for offices; the world’s only second 100KVA ultra high capacity inverter for industrial purposes; or the completely solar-powered inverter for the increasingly environment-conscious – Su-Kam has an inverter for every imaginable use

Needless to mention, scores of people across India have reaped the benefits of all-time-power, thanks to their Su-Kam inverters. Here are a handful to give you an idea of how loved Su-Kam is, as a brand. From Surat, Mr. Jayaram Menon; from Faridabad, Mr. Aseem Sood; Mr. Karan Pandit from Ambala; from Ullhasnagar, Ms. Deepa Gulrajani; from the national capital Delhi, Mr. Prabhat Kumar; from Kanpur, Mr. Anil Pandey; and finally, from Banur, Mr. Gurveer Khattraand. We also present, from Gwalior, Manish Electronics – our long, trusted, and successful partner.

Su-Kam has the products, and the public are the takers. Its a win-win situation that is leading to an empowered nation!




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