Amazing! Chennai Home Wants to ‘Sell’ Solar Electricity

A home located in Chennai wanted to use the huge amount of sunlight falling on their roof to run the load in their house and make money out of it too so they decided to install a Grid Tie Inverter. Mr. Janardhan’s home was running on mains and generated a high electricity bill every month. He wanted to reduce his electricity bills and decided to install a solar system in his home.


But a man of principle Janardhan decided to do some research of his own before choosing the best solar product available in the market. So he started his research online and stumbled upon Su-Kam’s solar website and read about our grid tie inverters. Grid tie inverter would not only reduce his monthly electricity bill by running his home load on solar but would also help him earn money by selling the excess solar power produced by solar panels back to the grid. Pleased and satisfied with what he found out he contacted his nearby Su-Kam distributor Mr. Shiv Prakash to get a grid-tie inverter installed at his home.



  1. 5KW Su-Kam’s grid tie inverter
  2. 5KW Solar Panels


Grid tie inverters are an on grid rooftop solar solution that can run the load completely on solar and also sell excess solar power back to the company by feeding the power to the grid. Su-kam’s grid tie inverters are 97% efficient which can help the user make use of maximum power coming from the sun.



This solar system will run the full 5KW home. It is expected to generate approximately 25 units of electricity on a daily basis depending on weather conditions. The installation was a success. The system is now running on solar and has reduced their monthly electricity bills. Follow the blog to know more about their monthly savings.

Mr. Shiv prakash says ‘We have installed a 5KW grid tie in the customer’s home according to their load requirements. Their full load is 7KW but they went in for a 5KW system. They will be able to run all of the 5KW load of the home comfortably on solar. The system has brought a significant difference in their monthly electricity consumption from the grid’.


We wish Mr. Janardhan and his family all the best and hope to serve him and his family again in the future.

To understand how to install Su-Kam’s Grid tie inverter please watch this video:

For further details please contact Su-Kam’s solar channel partner who did this installation:

Mr. Shiv Prakash (Spark Electrical)- 09171317111

Contact customer with the details below-

Mr. AJ Janardhan- 09381018656

Plot 14 Street Krishnapuram



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