Su-Kam – Amazing products, amazing following

Power back-up is needed by everyone, be it for residences or corporate offices. The amount of back-up too varies substantially, depending on the premise and its electricity consumption. To make inverters & UPS systems that fit these varying needs is something Su-Kam has mastered over time. Their vast product line ensures that requirements of all – from the smallest household to the plush corporate office can be fully satisfied.

Having mastered general home and business needs, Su-Kam has gone several steps further. Not one to rest on its laurels, the company has made innovative inroads by engineering even more specialized power back-up products. Products that are industry-specific – catering to its unique and exacting needs. What this means exactly can be demonstrated through one such revolutionary Su-Kam product, the Petrol Pump Inverter.

In today’s competitive environment, businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on technology, making it imperative to be in tune with latest at all times. So, how does one ensure that the petrol pump runs unabated at all times – even in cases of power outage? Su-Kam has the solution in form of its Petrol Pump Inverters. Customized to cater to the needs of petrol pumps, it has been designed in consultation with people involved in their management, and after years of intensive R&D.
It is finally an economical solution, and something so technologically advanced that it can even be remote controlled off-site!

Innovations and amazing products have earned Su-Kam a widespread consumer base. In fact, so happy are Su-Kam customers, that they’re more like an amazing fan following. Here’s introducing some of the happy few – from Navi Mumbai, Mr. Pramod Nair and Mr.Sandeep Rathod; from Ghaziabad, Mr. Robin Pande; from Bangalore, Mr. K. S. Rajan and Mr. Akshay Chander;from Kolkata, Mr. Prabir Chandra and Mr. S Sankar from Chennai. They reflect the diversity and reach that Su-Kam has, and the impact the brand’s products have had on their lives!

With Su-Kam, really amazing products have lead to an unprecedented, amazing fan following!




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