An All India Solar Training Program Conducted By Su-Kam

Su-Kam has always given utmost priority to comfort and happiness of its customers. Since we are a technical company, awareness of our products within the company and outside is given primary focus. Keeping this in mind Su-Kam planned an official Product awareness training program to be conducted in special focus areas across India.


Our expert team that includes Mr. Lallan Mishra (Assistant Manager, Su-Kam), Sandeep Agarwal (Engineer) and Sunit Jangra (Testing Engineer) visited three areas Lucknow, Kanpur, Banaras and conducted training programs.

This program mainly focused on Su-Kam’s state of the art solar products like Brainy Eco Home UPS, Solar PCU, Brainy Touch and Solarcon. The on job product training program included visiting service centers as well as customer home to treat the problem at its roots.


In Lucknow, our expert team visited Mr. Bhala’s service center in Indranagar , Mr. Amit Mishra’s service center and Rajesh Yadav’s service center . All of them were Su-Kam’s authorized distributers and were very pleased to receive training from our team in which they learnt how Brainy Touch, the world’s first solar PCU and Brainy Eco works and how to handle its installation.


After visiting the service centers our team also went to a filling station in Bhala. The petrol pump had su-Kam’s inverter system installed and were facing some issue with battery charging. Our team handled the case with expertise and removed all queries and problems faced by our customer. They were happy with the solution and so were we.

Likewise Lallan Mishra and his team personally went to these 3 areas and trained Su-kam’s distributors and helped to solve all the issues they were facing. The final outcome of this program helped many across India to become experts in our solar products as well as provided technical support to our valuable customers.


More of such training programs will be conducted in the near future to spread awareness and provide Su-Kam’s expert technical support.

For further details please contact-

Mr. Lallan Mishra- 08130154466




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