Su-Kam – An eco-visionary

Although I’m only an employee, my experience at Su-Kam has inspired me to be a better person. For most people, a job is just a job, and it does not change their lives in any way. But at Su-Kam, the philosophy and ethics deeply effects its employees. I am no exception, and I would like to tell you a little about how and why this happens.

First of all I would like to tell you about Su-Kam’s vision: to enlighten lives globally. We endeavour to empower all, from the global to the domestic level. Su-Kam’s mission is to give its customers innovative, reliable and renewable power solutions. It is one of the few Indian companies whose efforts in sustainable and non-polluting power solutions is pioneering and very inspiring to someone like me. Su-Kam understands that the sources of power are fast depleting and their focus is on trying to find renewable options. It makes young professionals like me very proud to be part of a corporate that is responsible, ethical, and most importantly, aware of its duty towards the environment.

Su-Kam has long been known for its focus on the environment. Now it has been recognized at the international platform as well. Our company has taken many measures to live up to its commitment to the environment. Take for instance the time when Su-Kam decided to go in for brown paper for packaging. The move was made because coloured paper packaging came at a cost of nature-harming products like dyes and plastic for lamination. All our business decisions are customer-oriented as well as environment friendly. It is these steps that have earned us the ISO 14000 certification for environment-friendliness.

Su-Kam, in my opinion, is the only true Indian MNC that has conquered the domestic as well as foreign markets, spreading over 71 countries. But more than that, it is a company with a soul, an Eco-friendly vision that will go a long way in preserving our planet.

Vipul Khandelwal




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