Another House in Haryana Goes Solar. Monthly Electricity Bill of Rs. 7,000 Will Not Bother Them Anymore

Have you heard about the most trending solar inverter in the market nowadays? Su-Kam’s Brainy Eco has succeeded in taking over the hearts of people across the country. This product has been designed keeping in mind customer requirements and comfort as top priority.

With its advanced features like intelligent battery charging sharing, automatic temperature compensation, six stage battery charging, Brainy Eco has now changed the face of the solar industry and holds the position of the best hybrid home UPS available in the market.


Recently a home in village Bir Mathana located in Haryana state wanted to run their load on solar after spending a painful electricity bill of approximately 7000 rupees on a monthly basis.

Dr. Devi Dayal stays in an area where the prices of electricity per unit is on the higher range. His home also had a water pump that required 24 hours of electricity. Devi wanted to reduce his electricity bill but didn’t know how to go about the installation. And so he contacted Mr. Raminder Singh from Balaji Battery and inverter.


Mr. Raminder has been with Su-Kam for many years. We feel blessed to have such dedicated distributors working hard every day and contributing to this nation by spreading awareness about solar energy to their best possible capabilities. After a detailed site inspection Mr. Raminder came up with the following specifications perfect for his home.


  1. 1 KW Solar Panels– 4 panels of 250W each
  2. Su-Kam’s Brainy Eco 1600
  3. Two Batteries– 150AH



Brainy eco has an inbuilt 30amp solar charge controller that receives DC current from solar panels and efficiently charges the batteries and runs the load through the solar energy stored in the batteries.

A simple understanding of this would be that this home UPS can simultaneously charge the batteries through grid supply and solar energy. If solar power is enough to run the load Brainy Eco will use only solar power coming from the panels.

If solar energy is insufficient then, Brainy Eco will give first priority to solar and will share the rest of the power from the grid supply and efficiently charge the batteries. There is also a provision of disabling grid charging completely and running your load only through solar energy for maximum savings!


This system is generating 5 units in a day that means it will help in reducing 1.5Ton carbon emissions in a year approximately of course. The system will run the following load-

  1. Water Pump
  2. LED TV 40 inch
  3. Fans- 3
  4. LED – 10

Mr. Raminder says ‘The system will work perfectly. We have installed Brainy Eco 1600 which will reduce the utilization of mains and will make sure their bill will come down to more than 50% from 7000 Rps monthly. We are here to provide any kind of after sales service to Mr. Devi whenever required’

Mr. Devi was very happy with the installation and we wish him all the best and hope to serve him again in the near future.

To know how Brainy Eco works click on this link and watch this video:

For further information please contact-

Mr. Raminder Singh (Balaji Battery and Inverter)-09050064800

Contact the customer on the following address-

Mr. Devi Dayal

Village Bir Mathana

Tehsil Lagwa



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