Many companies sell many products and services, but few have a mass social impact. There are groups like the Tatas that are philanthropic in everything they do, and then there are brands that provide a dedicated and singular product line to contribute to the well-being of society. Su-Kam, is one such brand.

For many years now, Su-Kam has offered millions the chance to own an effective alternative to generators of yore. With its world class range of clean, inexpensive, and reliable inverters, UPS systems and batteries, not only has Su-Kam put an end to the power deficiency of millions, it has also developed a brand that can cater to any requirement, whether residential or industrial, and anywhere, whether at home or abroad.

Exported today to over 25 countries worldwide, and the undisputed market leader here, Su-Kam is one of India’s true home-grown MNCs. Millions across India use Su-Kam power backup products, and enjoy empowered lives. Let’s meet some of these people.

Many are from Ludhiana, including Mr. Kala Singh, Mr. Satpal Singh, and Mr. Jasmail Singh, who is a Su-Kam dealer. From Amritsar, we have Sardar Jaswant Singh, from Patiala, Su-Kam dealers Apollo Battery, from Gobingarh, Mr.Amit Jain, and from Sanewal, Mr. K. K. Bhandari. All these people from the different parts of Punjab have been associated with Su-Kam for many years, and lead happy, fulfilled lives, thanks to its products.

Homes and families are happier, businesses are flourishing, and people are truly content. If you were to ask someone about power back-up, they’d say, “Araam Se, Su-Kam!”



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