Asha verma says Su-Kam members respect each other and provide a safe working environment especially for women.


My Journey with Su-kam started on 17th March, 2007 as Sales Co-ordinator Haryana. After evaluating my performance, I was promoted as Branch Accountant of Haryana. Su-Kam is like a second family to me, the work culture and environment is excellent. The culture is friendly and open at Su-Kam; we share a great bond not just with our colleagues but our seniors too.

I would like to say that Su-Kam is the only company which gives complete freedom to its employees to grow and learn new things. There are no barriers for its employees and they can meet any member of the top management in case of any query or suggestion. The chain of events that led to my learning & development has been continuous and I have realized that I joined an organization that offers ample opportunities to learn & grow. I have been fortunate enough to work with very supportive peers and a continuously growing organization.

I have received constant support from my seniors in performing my duties. Su-kam is a place where employee job satisfaction is given utmost priority. Su-Kam provides flexibility to work in different areas which helps employees to grow within the company and as a person. Su-Kam has different working styles where people have fun while working. Very few companies like Su-Kam celebrate each and every festival and small achievements with their employees. It’s just because of these Su-Kam beliefs that the company’s success depends upon their employees’ success. One thing in particular is that all Su-Kam members respect each other and provide a safe working environment especially for women.

The rate of progress and growth of Su-Kam is really inspiring and the teams that we have here keep me motivated to deliver my best to the people around me and to the organization.



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