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Home in Trivandrum Runs 3 ACs, Fridge, Microwave, Lights and Fans on Solar. But How?

Mr. Daniel stays in Trivandrum district in Kerala with his two daughters, his wife and in-laws. The area that he stays in did not have a problem of frequent power cuts those were just occasional but he had a large house and his electricity bill...

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“After Installing Solar, My Electricity Bill Went Down from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 0,” Says Kerala Man

This is a story about a man living in Kerala who decided to go solar. His house now runs on 3KVA Grid-Tie inverter and he can’t be happier. Here is everything you need to know about this solar journey - Why an On-Grid System Over...

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Did You Know That Nagaland is Slowly Going Solar? 1000 Solar Lights Installed in Villages

Here is an interesting story about how Su-kam helped to bring light into the dark streets of Nagaland by installing over 1000 Solar street lights. This story is narrated by Mr. Zhatou, who is Su-Kam’s authorized distributor located in Nagaland. Read the full story -...

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“I Converted My Existing Inverter to Solar and I Now Pay Only Rs. 20 in Electricity Bills,” Says this Man from Haryana

Yes, you read that right! Mr. Ramesh recently converted his existing inverter battery system into a solar system. His electricity bill was Rs. 20 this month! Read more to find out what he installed - Life Before Solar Mr. Ramesh and his wife stay in...

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Why this Hospital in Maharashtra Installed Online UPS for Backup Power? Here are the Tech Specs:

This story narrated by Su-Kam’s distributor Mr. Vishwajeet, who installed Su-Kam’s inverter that runs an entire hospital. Here is what happened - How Did This Inverter Help This Man? Ankur Superspeciality Women’s Hospital is located in Nanded, Maharashtra. Dr. Pratawar is the owner of this...

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Must See: This Farm in Rajasthan Runs on 100% Solar Power! Water Pump Motors, Fans, Lights – Everything Runs on Solar

Mr. Swapan stays in Banswara district in Rajasthan state with his family. He owns a large farm in which he has created greenhouse effect for his crops. This area receives no electricity. The farm has been functioning in the dark since many months. Swapan owns...

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Frequent Power cuts Made Shillong Tourism Install Solar Lights. Here’s Why It’s Proving to be a Good Decision

Why Was Did the Tourism Department of Shillong Opt for Solar? Mr. Daniel is located in Shillong and as a recently turned authorized distributor he has been excited about the new benefits of solar power. Within his one month of business with solar, he got...

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“We Installed Solar in our 2BHK House. This is How We Run Fans, AC, TV, Lights and Fridge on Solar Power”

How Did Solar Help This Family? Mr. VK Rao and his family stays in Bareilly district in Uttar Pradesh state of India. He owns a 2BHK flat and he had installed a su-kam inverter previously since this area experiences 4 to 5 hours of power...

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“I was tired of Spending Money on Generators so I Installed Solar to Power My Petrol Pump”

This story is narrated by Su-Kam’s authorized distributor Mr. Rajeev Garg, who helped this man save INR 10,000 on electricity bill per month by installed solar! Here is the full story - How Did Solar Help This Man? Mr. Rao stays in Kangra district in...

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