All round growth at Su-Kam

There are companies that specialize in products, others excel at service, and then some more, that are great places to work at. The point is simple. There are hardly any companies, that bring together all these facets in equal measures. Su-Kam is one company, where excellence is sought & achieved in-house for employees, in its products & services, and its societal & environmental worthiness. It is this kind of overall and all round growth, that we strive for. On a daily basis, the company surges forward in all departments. Everybody, from the modest staff to senior management, is unified & striving towards excellence.

The efforts bear fruit, when thousands of consumers patronize the brand & its superb power back-up products and make them their own. A small example of the company’s acceptance can be seen from the sheer cross section of their customers. Mr. Sunder Raj from Delhi, Mr. Munish Lodhi from Chandigarh, Mr. Vishnu Agarwal from Nagpur, Mr. Vijay Narayanan from Coimbatore, Mr. Ramdeo Prasad from Samastipur in Bihar, Mr. Manoj Soni from Jatara in Madhya Pradesh, Mr. Satish Dhull from Ambala and Mr. Rajiv Rathi from Faridabad. A wide range of people from different backgrounds & varying parts of the country, have Su-Kam in common.

The company’s efforts have been rewarded by industry as well. Time and again, Su-Kam continues to receive the industry’s most prestigious, independent awards. The ELCINA-EFY AWARD for excellence in Research & Development for the year 2009-10.Consumer Superbrand” trophy in 2009, the most prestigious and respected award for a Brand and its success story, chronicled in the second edition of ‘Business Superbrands 2008’ are just some examples.

Su-Kam has also been conferred with the ‘HR GROWTH AWARD’ at the 5th global HR summit held in 2008, in recognition of its invaluable contribution to the society. Su-Kam has been conferred the prestigious innovation for India Award 2008 as well.

The list is endless, but more importantly, covers each aspect of business – from innovation to human resources. Growth for the company, growth for the employees, and growth for the consumers; guarantees Su-Kam!




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