Bank in Dhule, Maharashtra, Faced 16 Hours of Daily Powercuts Until It Went Solar

Life Before Solar Power

The central bank of India located in Mahrashtra in Dhule district recently went solar with Su-Kam. This branch is located in village of Dhule district that faces electricity issues. The bank faced 16 hours of powercuts every day and the mains supply there was of extremely low voltage. At our homes we receive 220V mains supply. This bank received 90V of low mains supply. It was a matter of major concern.


Mr. Kumar, the regional manager of this bank tried to find a solution to this problem. And therefore he installed an inverter back up system. But the problem still persisted. The batteries wouldn’t get charged since mains was highly fluctuating and available for a limited period of time.

He even resorted to using diesel generators but it was not of much use since they paid heavily for it and it wouldn’t last more than few months. So he visited Su-Kam’s website and came to an informed conclusion that he must go in for solar power.

Dhule is a city located in the state of Maharashtra and is occupied with a population of 341,775 people who are struggling with the issue of lack of proper electricity lines in that area. Dhule district approximately receives 12 hours of day light every day. Installing a solar system in this area would be highly beneficial and so Mr. Kumar contacted Mr. Kamlesh (Su-Kam’s authorized distributor in Mahrashtra).

Mr. Kamlesh got Mr. Kumar in touch with his nearest dealer, Mr. Amol – who helped him install the perfect solar system. After a detailed site inspection, Mr. Amol installed the following in this bank:


Technical Specifications

  1. Online UPS – 3KVA/96V
  2. Su-Kam’s Solar Panels – 3KW
  3. Battery bank – 100AH (8 in number)
  4. Su-Kam’s solar charge controller PWM – 96V/60Amps

Units Generated and Load Running

The 3KW solar panels generate approximately 15 to 17 units per day depending on the weather conditions. The system runs the following load that includes 3 computers, 1 server machine, 2 printers, 3 lights and 2 fans.

Mr. Amol says, ‘The bank had an online UPS previously installed but they wanted zero dependence from mains and they wanted a 24/7 backup system. We advised converting their existing system into a solar system. The panels generate enough power to last them all day. They are now completely free from mains supply and are happily running their load on solar power.’


Mr. Kumar, the DRM of the bank is very pleased with the working of this solar system. We wish him all the best for his future with solar and Su-Kam.


For further details, please feel free to contact Su-Kam channel partners in the area:

Mr. Amol Kulkarni (Su-Kam dealer) – 09822285213

Mr. Kamlesh Patil (Su-Kam distributor – Sudarshan Solar) – 09923474600

Contact the customer on the following-

Mr. Kumar – DRM Central Bank of India

Nagar Patti,

Dhule, Maharashtra



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