Battery blasts in a Solar System!

Business Standard recently carried an article, highlighting how a marriage ceremony turned sour as a woman was killed and two others were injured when the battery of a solar energy unit exploded in a village in Jaisalmer. Such an occurrence might make people wonder how safe solar inverters and power back up units are.


Actually, these are as safe as any other power back up system. Infact there is huge potential for solar power systems in India, where large parts of the country still remain without electricity supply. They offer the opportunity for the user to define and have the desired backup depending upon their requirement.

It is important to know that controlling the battery charging level is very essential for the safety of the system. This charging is controlled by the Solar Charge Controller, which if not installed can lead the battery to be overcharged, and in some cases also blast. Other important precautions include protection against sudden surge or high voltage being input into the system and overloading of the system.

12 The battery must be protected against very high temperatures in the area where it is kept. Most Solar Charge Controllers available in the market are of poor quality and have limited features. Some solar street light systems have the battery attached to the light posts. These run a risk of exploding as they are enclosed in a metal box which is exposed to solar heat. The resultant high temperatures could cause an explosion. Keeping the battery in a centralised unit with MPPT based charge controllers prevents such mishaps and better performance of the equipment is ensured.

The customer would be wise to install a solar charge controller with the latest MPPT technology. Such a system comes with features that protect the battery from overcharging, keeping the battery safe.23

Is it possible to get a Solar Charge controller that provides such safety! Well, Su-Kam’s Solar Charge Controllers are manufactured keeping in view the safety of the user. There are many features such as Ambient Temperature Control, Incorrect Connection indicator, overload indicator and shut down etc negating the chances of a mishap.



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