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Mr. Ashu Gupta, a resident of Model Town, an uptown locality in North Delhi, made the switch from conventional to solar three months ago. He said that the constant power shortages and exceedingly hefty electricity bills irked him. In order to solve this problem once and for all, he planned to switch on the sun.

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Mr. Gupta owns a stationery shop at Chawri Bazaar in Old Delhi, and lives in Model Town with his wife, parents and kids. He too, like most of us, was unaware of the benefits of solar energy before he came in contact with Mr. Rajender, who works at Su-Kam. This chance encounter convinced Mr. Gupta of the need to switch to solar.

Details of Solar Installation:

His house was solarified using Su-Kam’s solar power panels of 5 Kw capacity and PCU (Power conditioning unit) of 6 kVA. Su-Kam’s Solar Power Conditioning unit is an integrated system consisting of solar charge controller, inverter and a grid charger. It provides the facility to charge the battery bank through either a Solar or Grid/DG set, and constantly monitors the state of battery voltage, solar power output and the load. In addition to this, there were 8 batteries of 180 Ampere each.

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What the happy solar customer says:

The cost of the entire system came around 5 lakh rupees, which is a one-time investment. According to Mr. Rajender “Mr. Gupta had no problems with the initial amount, because he and his generations to come will have to pay almost nothing in terms of electricity bill because of the entire setup. He does not see it as a mere installation but views it as something he would pass on to his children and grandchildren just like his house itself”.

It is a good sign that more and more people are opting for solar with the aim of giving themselves as well as their successors a better and sustainable life!

delhi solar

The entire system is an off-grid one, which means that it is independent of the state supply and is not linked to the national grid.

Why solar is best for Delhi?

Delhi, fortunately is blessed with a lot of sunlight, and it is heartening to see more and more Delhiites warming up to the idea of solar energy. The government is also taking steps to promote solar, and Delhi secretariat is all set to become the first secretariat in the entire country to run completely on solar energy. Once this happens, it will give a major boost to many public and private enterprises as well as residential complexes to turn on the sun.

If you are also the victim of frequent power cuts or hefty electricity bills or simply want to use greener and cleaner energy in Delhi, contact Mr. Rajender on 8506086069 or call Su-Kam on 1800-102-7555.

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