Being an Indian Entrepreneur: 5 Cool Things Kunwer Sachdeva said in an Interview to IIT Bombay

India has become quite a brand name ever since our Prime Minister, Mr. Modi launched the ‘Make in India’ campaign. It gave every Indian a dream; a dream to build something of his own, a dream of taking his country to new heights. But while we are busy figuring out how to materialize our elaborate plans, well, here we bring to you a man who is actually making in India and taking it to the world – Mr. Kunwer Sachdeva, the founder of India’s leading power solutions company – Su-Kam – talked about entrepreneurship, startups and a lot other exciting things in a recent interview with The Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Bombay.

kunwer sachdeva - the solar man of India

Here are some of the quirkiest, most inspiring and coolest quotes by the man himself:

1– Entrepreneurs have a mindset or a ‘soch, which dukandars (shopkeepers) don’t have and the soch (thought process) keeps growing.

When asked to define an entrepreneur, Mr. Sachdeva gave the above reply and further added “Many dukandaars are not able to become entrepreneurs because they don’t trust people working under them and do not train them. They are stuck with micro-managing everything. “Arrey agar 100 mein se 10 log galat nikal gaye toh kya hum trust karna chhod denge?” Many people tell me that Kunwer Sachdeva trusts people easily and those people leave Su-Kam after getting trained but if I don’t train them and keep them in my organization they become more dangerous and are capable of doing more harm”.

2Saala mujhe aaj tak valuation se fark nahi padta. Su-Kam 1000 crore ki company ban jaaye ya 4000 crore ki, I love what I do irrespective of the money.

When he was asked “Where do young entrepreneurs go wrong according to you?” he came up with the most apt response. According to him, most of the budding entrepreneurs worry only about finding investment and analyzing the valuation of their business. Their love for the product they are making is missing. The reply given by him is a proof of his love and devotion towards the product he is building. He sure gives an invaluable lesson to all the startup enthusiasts!

3- Let’s recall that Eklavya was able to become an ace at bow and arrow just by worshiping the statue of his Guru. Teacher is important but the student is more important. When the student is ready the teacher will come on his own.

According to Mr. Sachdeva, a talented mind requires no external motivation. Yes, the teacher or the ‘guru’ is important but it is the student’s will that can turn things into his favour. If he is determined to succeed, he will.

Kunwer Sachdev - Founder and MD of Su-Kam

4- Dekho mai laaclhi admi hun and I love my sector too much, so the start-ups that I am mentoring are also from this sector. One of the companies that I am mentoring is based in Hyderabad and makes solar LED lights. It is a good experience mentoring the founder, Kushant Uppal and his team.

When asked, “What do you look for in the start-ups that you mentor?” he gave a blunt and truthful answer but also went on to add that he has never turned away any new entrepreneurs who have approached him for help. He might not offer everything to them on a plate but he definitely does give them a piece of sound advice.

5- I worked as hard as I could and gave everything to my work, I guess this helped me and my team in making what Su-Kam is today. Also I realize that people need to break the usual thinking pattern. My approach to anything is to provide a solution rather than crying over split milk, I think of how quickly can I sort out a problem and get back on track, I think this approach has helped me the most in life.

Well his positive attitude and an unflinching desire to work hard has made Su-Kam an international name today. We have lots to learn from the solar man of India!!

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