The best inverter money can buy – Su-Kam

The way we look at the power back-up industry has changed drastically in the past decade, and for the better. The dark, smoky days of diesel-powered generators are behind us as are the undue expenses and loud noises. For most of us, the provision of uninterrupted electricity is made easy, thanks to clean, convenient, quiet, efficient and economical inverters. And that the inverter revolution has been led singularly by Su-Kam, is not news to anyone. Not only has Su-Kam transformed the Indian power back-up sector with its inverters, they continue to dominate their decade-old lead with simply the best inverters money can buy. And there is proof aplenty!

Rashmikant Patel & Neeraj Goel from Gurgaon in Haryana are both Su-Kam inverter customers. They are completely satisfied with their respective machines and swear that for the features-functionality-price combination, there is just nothing even remotely close to Su-Kam!

Same is the case with Surinder Nanda & Deepak Oswal from Punjab, Asheesh Manjeshwar from Mumbai and Umesh Saini from Chandigarh. All of these people have experienced first hand, the many benefits of Su-Kam inverters. Some have been using these for 6-8 months, and others, for over 3 years! But what they all agree with, without question, is the performance, reliability, and smooth operation of Su-Kam inverters.

Even in terms of service & technical support, Su-Kam stands tall, where many other companies with good products fail. Balwinder Singh from Jalandhar in Punjab recounts his experience with Su-Kam’s technical support as most satisfying. No sooner did he need Su-Kam’s support assistance, than they were at his doorstep, and solved the problem in no time!

Finally, the sheer goodwill that Su-Kam inverters have garnered over time, has become the brand’s most telling testament. Solid proof that has dealers, shop-keepers, friends & relatives alike, recommending only Su-Kam inverters. Like Bittu Jain from Jaladhar, many have bought their Su-Kam inverters, thanks to their superb reputation. And after using & benefiting from their respective machines, they have themselves become part of the strong Su-Kam suggesting contingent; the brand’s most potent proponents!

To put it simply then, Su-Kam blazed a trail with their inverters over a decade ago, and they are still clearly the best inverters money can buy!




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