Best Solar Rural Electrification Company of the year!

Solar is seeing new trends in the contemporary times. Our PM Modi is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the value of solar is known to all. India has seen so many solar installations in the past one year that it can almost be termed as ‘the solar revolution of India’. Especially, the rural regions of India have got access to electricity thanks to the solar energy.


Su-Kam and Solar!

Su-Kam Power Systems Limited has been a pioneer in developing personalised solar solutions for all power related worries. Its presence has extended all over the globe so far and its Research and Development Unit is known far across.


Recently, marking a new benchmark, it has won the ‘Best Solar Rural Electrification Company’ of the year at Indian rooftop solar summit 2016. This is indeed a huge encouragement for the entire company and its employees who treat it like a family. The company’s MD has been a constant motivation and guiding force.


Congratulations Team Su-Kam !!!!!



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