Brick Manufacturers in Haryana are now going solar

Located 70 kilometres North West of New Delhi, Rohtak city in Haryana is believed to be founded by a Rajput king named Raja Rohtash Singh Parmar. The city has a very old and antique heritage.

Rohtak Solar

Rohtak is also placed as a ‘Smart City’ contender by the screening committee. Recently, a village in the Rohtak district has switched to solar to save both environment and money.

Dev Power Systems, a channel partner with Su-Kam has done an excellent job by installing 1KW solar power system at Jai Bala Ji Bhatta Brick Manufacturers.

Solar at Village Farmana

Village Farmana is located about 15 kilometres from Rohtak-Hissar highway and 60 kilometres away from Delhi.

Rohtak Solar

The Brick Manufacturers located at Village Farmana, Tehsil Meham, Rohtak District, decided to go solar as the village has a major power crunch. Every household has a generator installed at their place which is resulting in huge electricity bills. Jai Bala Ji Bhatta then opted for Su-Kam solar power system to reduce the bills and meet the power requirement.

Technical Specification:

This entire set up is presently being used to power four fans and five tube lights.

Rohtak Solar

The happy customers:

The customers are happy with the installation and looking forward to see the amazing results that have started being evident. The initial cost of installation which was approximately 1 lakh INR can be easily recovered in few years and every penny spent is worth it as the energy that is now generated through the system is 100% eco-friendly and sustainable.

Rohtak Solar

The 1KW solar power system generates 4-5 units per day and saves up to Rs. 1200 per month which implies a saving of about Rs. 14, 500 per year.

Going solar is beneficial for the environment

The electricity generated through solar is clean, green and affordable. It not only helps to save on the electricity bills but also ensures a 24*7 power backup. Su-Kam has been a pioneer is providing innovative solar solutions for electricity generation.

Rohtak Solar

Want to go solar? Dial 9896465464 to reach Mr Shubham Gupta, Dev Power Systems or launch a query at 1800-102-7555.

Rohtak Solar

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