While India shines on the international front, within its borders, we still grapple with some very basic problems. Problems that are extremely telling of our 3rd world roots – where basic education, health, and employment, remain piped dreams for millions. And to add to this list of basic problems, even perpetuating a number of them, is the severe shortage of power. India is huge, our power needs are huge, but the supply is woefully inadequate!

The rich have the power, literally and figuratively. Even if they don’t, they manage to get it by buying power at premium rates, or setting up their own back-up infrastructure. But where does that leave the ordinary Indian, whose life has also come to a grinding halt, because of lack of power? The small businessman, the home-maker in small town India, who is to get them their power back-up? 

This is where Su Kam comes into the picture. In a country that is making strides globally, Su Kam is one company that has, for 12 long years now, worked tirelessly by looking inwards, and addressing one of the most fundamental problems common India faces everyday. Power shortage. Su Kam’s affordable to buy & run range of power back up products are extremely reliable and never break down, and hence, their batteries, UPS systems, and Inverters have been patronized by a pan-India consumer base. One that is power starved, but finally extremely thankful, that there is someone like Su Kam out there, looking out for the interests of modest Indians.  

Let us meet a few of these ordinary Indians who have found power, and peace of mind, through Su Kam. Haryana Sales Co-Op from Sirsa, Sharma Electric from Julana, Shiv Shankar Petrol from Bhiwani, Bandi Chor Mukti Bhakti from Barwala, Mr.Om Pal Singh from Hissar, Mr.Jaspal Singh from Fatehabad and from Rohtak, Mittal Electronics, Mr.Sunil and Mr.Bhihuti. All loyal Su Kam Home UPS users from various parts of the state of Haryana, who have experienced first hand, the relief and empowered life, thanks to Su Kam power back-up.  

And like these people, there are literally thousands more all across the country, to whose aid Su Kam has come, and bridged the power divide!

 Contact Info:

    Shiv Shankar Petrol – BHIWANI ROAD, LOHARU 

   Mr.Om Pal Singh – VPO- DHANI MEHNDA



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