Brilliant! This Engineering Student Converted His Existing Inverter into Solar Power System

“Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems”

– Scott Adams


Interestingly, for this engineering student, there was a problem – frequent and long powercuts. The way he solved is pure brilliance. Instead of buying a solar inverter, he converted his existing inverter into solar power system, and connected DC powered appliances to get maximum efficiency.

Jignesh, a final year ECE (Electronics and Communication Engineering) student of ‘Vishwakarma Government Engineering college’ located in Ahmedabad had Su-Kam’s solarcon installed in his home a year back.


His home is located in Kalol, District Gandhinagar, Gujarat. He had a solar system installed in his house with an inverter, 500W solar panels, one 100AH battery and Su-Kam’s solarcon. Solarcon simply converts any ordinary inverter and battery setup into a solar power system. Solarcon intelligently disconnects mains and powers your load via inverters using energy from batteries, thus substantially reducing monthly electricity bills. You can also the money saved by installed Solarcon on its LCD provided on its front panel.

The Solarcon installed in Jignesh’s home runs a DC fan and charges his batteries. Jignesh ordered solarcon online and it was delivered to his home and installed within 24 hours. Since then it has been one year and it works perfectly. Jignesh and his family are extremely satisfied and want to buy more of Su-Kam’s products.


When we spoke to Jignesh he said ‘I follow Su-Kam’s YouTube videos and I learnt a lot from them. Whenever a new video is uploaded I feel excited to see it since they are very informative. I told my parents about them and shared it with my friends in college. We all watch Su-kam’s videos together now. After watching the videos I learnt about Su-Kam’s solarcon and understood its benefits. I ordered my first Su-Kam product online and it has been a great experience. I now want to install Su-Kam’s Brainy Eco 1600 in my home since I learnt about its advanced features and benefits’.


We are glad that students across India’s learned educational institutes are learning about new technologies in solar and are implementing them in their homes. We could ask for nothing more.

To know how Su-Kam’s solarcon works and how to install it in your home please watch this video

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Contact the customer on the following details-

Jignesh- 09033175125

Address- 12/B Yogeshwar Society


District Gandhinagar





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