Businesses Are Going Solar in Bareilly. Solar Laga Re Bareilly Ke Bazaar Mein

Here is an interesting story of a man living in the Indian state Uttar Pradesh, who wanted to install a solar system in his office to ensure that electricity is available at all times and his electricity bills are reduced to large extent.

How Installing a Solar System Changed This Man’s Life?

Mr. Amit, a young man heard about solar from his friends and relatives. His happy and satisfied friends convinced him that installing a solar system is not a tough job and it was an excellent way to get rid of monthly electricity bills.

And so Amit decided to go solar. Amit stays in an area called Bareilly located in Uttar Pradesh state that receives a total of 13 hours of day light in the present weather conditions on an average. This large amount of day light makes this area suitable for installing a solar system.

The Indian government is doing its bit to make it easier for you to extract maximum advantage from solar power. Here is Uttar Pradesh’s solar power policy:

And so with a discussion with his family Amit decided to contact Su-Kam’s trusted distributor located in Uttar Pradesh, Mr. Prashant Khamboj. And after a detailed inspection of his office Prashant came up with the following specifications for Amit’s office:

Technical Specifications

  1. Su-Kam’s Solar Inverter– 7.5KVA
  2. Su-Kam’s Batteries– 150AH (10 in number)
  3. Su-Kam PWM Solar charge controller– 120V
  4. Su-Kam’s Solar Panels– (250W/24V- 25 in number)

Load Running and Units Generated

This system has been designed to run all of Amit’s office load like two air conditions, 10-15 LED lights, 5 fans, etc. The system will generate approximately 30 to 35 units of electricity every day.

Mr. Prashant says, ‘The system is fully functional and will provide enough back up for running the load. We have given our assurance for the products they will work well and provide the required back up. Mr. Amit is satisfied with the installation and we are glad to have associated with him. Many other small businesses are also installing solar to harvest the immense sunlight that Bareilly gets.’

To understand how a solar inverter works and how to install one please click on the following links:

For further details, please contact

Mr. Prashant Khamboj (Su-Kam’s authorized distributer)- 09897200625

Contact the customer on this address-

Mr. Amit Agarwal

Rajnigandha Officer

Bareilly 243001

Uttar Pradesh



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