Businessman in Haryana was Spending Rs. 19000 Monthly on Electricity Costs. Then He Installed Solar.

Mr. Bajrang Goel who lives in Meham, Rohtak district, Haryana recently decided to install a solar system in his house as well as his in his jewelry shop. Haryana a State in India receives approximately 13 hours of sunlight in a day. More day light hours means more sunlight received which in turn means more solar power to run our appliances!

Because of this ‘The Haryana Energy Development Association’ took the Solar photovoltaic (SPV) initiative that substantially reduced the prices of solar systems.


This initiative has been a major reason why many people of Haryana have opted to go solar and install solar systems in their homes and work places.


Bajrang Goel’s house has 7 members and a number of appliances like washing machine, LCD, fan, water motor, fridge etc. He already had an inverter and a battery bank preexisting in his house since there was frequent power cuts in his area.

Apart from his home he also wanted to install a solar system in his jewelry shop near his house. His shop had lights, fans, bulbs, fridge. And he also had an inverter and a battery bank in his shop.

It was tiresome to pay a hefty monthly electricity bill of Rs. 10,000 and another Rs. 9000 for his Diesel generator expenses.


He wanted to get rid of these expenses and convert his existing system into a solar system and run all of his load on solar and for this installation he called up Mr. Shubham Gupta, of Dev Power Systems. Shubham Gupta is Su-Kam’s loyal distributer located in Rohtak city, Haryana. He has experience with a number of solar installations and gave the perfect advice to Mr. Bajrang for his home and his shop.


  1. Solar PCU– 1600VA/24V
  2. Battery bank- 150AH (Two batteries 12V each)
  3. Su-Kam’s solar panels – 2KW (8 panels 250W each)


  1. Solar PCU– 1600VA/24V
  2. Battery bank- 150AH (Two batteries 12V each)
  3. Su-Kam’s solar panels– 1KW (4 panels 250W)


The 2KW soar system installed at Mr. Goel’s home generates approximately 10units per day that runs all of his house load like washing machine, LCD, water motor, fridge etc. The intitial cost of investment was approximately Rs. 1.2 Lakh. The entire cost will be recovered in a span of 1 Year. The 1KW system installed in his shop generates approximately 5 units in a day. That cost him nearly Rs. 60,000. This solar system runs all the load in his shop like lights, fans, bulbs, fridge etc.


Mr. Banjrang Goel believes it was the right decision to install solar sytems in his home and shop since clearly it will help him save thousands of rupees in the near future. After the cost is recovered his load with run completely on free solar power!

If you have an existing inverter and battery at your home and you wish to convert it into solar, please click on this link to understand how you can convert an existing non solar system into a solar system easily. Watch this video:

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