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Businessman in Haryana was Spending Rs. 19000 Monthly on Electricity Costs. Then He Installed Solar.

Mr. Bajrang Goel who lives in Meham, Rohtak district, Haryana recently decided to install a solar system in his house as well as his in his jewelry shop. Haryana a State in India receives approximately 13 hours of sunlight in a day. More day light...

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Be Careful! 6 Myths about Inverter Batteries

If you live in an area where power cuts are frequent then you definitely know what an inverter is. And consequently you may have an idea about batteries too. Setting foot into the world of batteries you may have come across a million things about...

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World’s First Touchscreen Solar PCU installed in Noida

This residence in Noida’s sector 119 was getting exorbitant electricity bills. The bill was as high as Rs 10,000 per month. The house owner had heard a lot about the seamless benefits of solar so he decided to get one of his own. He contacted...

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Solar Petrol Pump in Himachal to Save Nearly 2 Lacs per Year

For businesses that are operational 24*7, electricity consumption can cost a small fortune. But thanks to solar, a clean alternative energy, they can sit back and relax. Steep power bills burdening the petrol pump This Indian Oil petrol pump in Hamirpur district, Himachal Pradesh was...

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How this Indian Company has done 1/5th of total solar installations in India

Did you know that an Indian solar company has installed 100 MW of the total 525 MW rooftop solar projects commissioned as of 31st October 2015? Shocking, right? And now you are probably wondering which Indian company could achieve such a feat. It is none...

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Have you heard of Solar powered Water Pump? This company in Gurgaon has installed it

What is a solar water pump? Just as the name implies a solar water pump uses electricity generated by photo-voltaic panels to run the pump as opposed to grid electricity or diesel run water pumps. Why use solar water pump? Although solar energy has vast...

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WOW! 90 V charging? This inverter works even when voltage is as low as 90V

Have you heard people complaining that sometimes even though mains is available in their area, but their inverter doesn’t charge the batteries?! Yes, that happens and it is one of the most common concerns of people owning normal inverters. If you have faced such a...

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Indian Invention! This Inverter Can be used with Battery of Any Size – 18AH to 200AH!

This is amazing! An Indian company has made a home UPS that can be connected to battery of any size depending on your backup requirements. If you need back-up time of only 10-15 mins, you can connect it with battery of 18AH. If you need...

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