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4 Misconceptions about Solar Panels

Back in the day when solar powered technology emerged in the world, there were all kinds opinions positive, negative, the ‘we don’t know and we don’t care’ opinion, the ‘solar power is an expensive investment’ opinion and so on and so forth! For those of...

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Solar-powered Computers: This Office in Lucknow Runs Computers on Solar Power All Day Long

One of the major running costs of businesses everywhere is utility bills. With electricity price increasing steadily at a rate of 7-8% annually, business owners are looking for alternatives. This office plugged in solar Like countless others, Nikhil owner of Shyam Tractor Agency, Lucknow road...

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Women’s Day Special: These Indian Women Talk, Create and Sell Solar

Happy Women's Day! On this great occasion, we bring to you short stories of women to help drive Su-Kam’s solar business in India. Inverters, Batteries, solar panels, charge controller, off-grid, on -grid doesn't sound too girly, does it? But these women in Su-Kam can talk...

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India’s Popular Solar Company Now Reaches Egypt

Now-a-days, people across the globe are finally becoming more aware about the alternate sources of energy generation. They are realizing the benefits of solar energy and trying to implement the same for meeting their power needs. Moreover, when 100% ‘Made In India’ products are appreciated...

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This beautiful solar installation in Agra saves Rs. 70,000

From reducing the carbon footprint to saving money and environment, solar has more benefits than you can ever think. People are also gradually understanding how solar can be the best solution for their power related worries. Recently, Cement Associates situated in Agra decided to switch...

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