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United in Su-Kam praise

We live in a world where we take a lot for granted. Electricity is one such thing. We consider constant power our birthright. And rightly so, because it is a service we pay dearly for. But despite this, we are often left with load shedding...

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Su-Kam throughout India

Through the length and breadth of the country, Su-Kam is one company that has made its mark. In a nation constantly grappling with power shortage, Su-Kam, for over a decade now, has served the people with world class power back-up products. They have helped them...

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Sunny Su-Kam

The world, today, suffers from incredible environmental damage. Over the ages, man has unwittingly & slowly destroyed the natural world, depleted the ozone layer and melted the polar ice caps. The result is a world with global warming, rising temperatures, diminishing natural resources, and an...

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India’s multinational – Su-Kam

It's the dawn of India on the world stage. Everyone is looking upon India as the next big super-power. Having emerged resilient from the world's economic crisis and with flourishing industries, India's time is now. There is one company, though, that has made its global...

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A benchmark in quality -Su-Kam

That Su-Kam is the most quality-conscious company in the power back-up category, is no coincidence. The people at the helm of Su-Kam know too well, that more than 10 years ago, when they got into the power back-up sector, it was a crude and unorganized...

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Su-Kam technology – Longevity assured

Technology has become the bedrock of modern life. From the simplest to the most complex tasks we undertake, it is technology that plays a significant role in them all. Communication, transportation, trading; everything is governed by technology and the better the technology, the more efficient...

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Su-kam success saga continues…..

Qurahi from Djibouti is very impressed with Su-kam. He has been using an SMF battery from Su-kam and can’t stop raving about it. He claims that the product has helped him to secure the health of his family and thereby his happiness. Qurahi is very...

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