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This Community in Dharamshala Runs its 250 Rooms with Lights, Fans, ACs, Geysers and Water Pumps on 30KW Solar Power Plant. Read How:

It looks like the dream of 'Solar India' is now becoming a reality. From houses to offices – from schools to hospitals – more and more establishments are going solar. And why shouldn't they!? Solar is good for the environment, gives you 24x7 electricity and...

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Must see: How Solar Lights Are Illuminating the Royal City of Udaipur

Solar street lights are in high demand across India. It's not just become a want but a necessity now because traditional street lights need electricity from grid to function – which is not available in many parts of India. Solar street lights, on the other...

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My 100% Solar Home Has 10 Fans and Lights, 1.5 Ton AC, Fridge and TV. Know the Tech Specs of My Solar System:

Mr. Mandeep Khamboja, lives in Village Titu Khera District Sirsa, Haryana. The area that this home is does not receive any power supply during the day time. They were running their home appliances only after sun set when electricity is available for few hours. Mandeep...

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Royal Enfield Showroom in Hardoi Goes 100% Solar and Expects Almost Rs. 0 Electricity Bill in Coming Months

Mr. Nihal is the Director with Royal Enfield Company. He wanted to set an example in his company to promote the use of green energy, so he decided to start with solarizing the showroom of Royal Enfield located in Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh. Nihal...

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Oh God! This Church in Rural Maharashtra Goes 100% Solar. Get the Details:

Mr. Peter  is the owner of the trust fund in a church called ‘Blessings Youth Mission’ in the state of Maharashtra. The area where this Church is located does not have any power lines and receives no electricity. Peter resorted to using a diesel generator...

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How Constant Powercuts in Chandigarh Made me Install Solar in My Office

Mr. Praveen owns a company called ‘RSM Enterprises’ located in the industrial area of Chandigarh. The area in which this company is located experiences short but regular power cuts. Since the last one year Chandigarh has been facing erratic power cuts - As reported by...

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Whoa! Inverter at a Petrol Pump in Rohtak Has Been Working Non-stop for 15 Years

Mr. Manoj Chand Jain lives in Rohtak, Haryana. He owns a massive petrol pump called ‘Kapoor Chand Fateh Chand’ located on the Sonipat road. With a humungous population of 286,807, Rohtak had been struggling with the issue of lack of proper electricity lines in that...

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This Solar System in a Hospital in Hardoi Runs 15 Tubelights, Fans and Medical Equipment

Here is a story about how nursing home spent INR 60,000 on diesel generator per month and is now in process of solarizing the entire hospital. They want to thank Su-Kam for helping them see the real benefit of solar. Life Before Solar Power This...

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Bank in Dhule, Maharashtra, Faced 16 Hours of Daily Powercuts Until It Went Solar

Life Before Solar Power The central bank of India located in Mahrashtra in Dhule district recently went solar with Su-Kam. This branch is located in village of Dhule district that faces electricity issues. The bank faced 16 hours of powercuts every day and the mains...

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