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How this Indian Company has done 1/5th of total solar installations in India

Did you know that an Indian solar company has installed 100 MW of the total 525 MW rooftop solar projects commissioned as of 31st October 2015? Shocking, right? And now you are probably wondering which Indian company could achieve such a feat. It is none...

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Women’s Day Special: These Indian Women Talk, Create and Sell Solar

Happy Women's Day! On this great occasion, we bring to you short stories of women to help drive Su-Kam’s solar business in India. Inverters, Batteries, solar panels, charge controller, off-grid, on -grid doesn't sound too girly, does it? But these women in Su-Kam can talk...

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Solar Savings! 75% Reduction in Electricity Bill After Installing Solar

Solar has penetrated remote parts of India. Indian villages and towns have embraced solar like never before. It won’t be long when every house in India will be powered by solar energy. Recently, a house in UP got 75% reduction in power bill using solar...

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WOW! 90 V charging? This inverter works even when voltage is as low as 90V

Have you heard people complaining that sometimes even though mains is available in their area, but their inverter doesn’t charge the batteries?! Yes, that happens and it is one of the most common concerns of people owning normal inverters. If you have faced such a...

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How Does An Inverter Work?

This short video explains everything you need to know about an inverter. Watch now! However, if you prefer to read then scroll on -- we have written this entire blog to help you understand working of an inverter in the most interesting way possible! Have...

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See how this nursing home in Uttar Pradesh saves Rs. 20,000 per month!

Solar is perhaps the best alternate source of electricity generation for India as the country is bestowed with sunlight. The amazing thing about using solar is that it is free and low on maintenance. Its accessibility is also one major reason why it is recommended....

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See this revolutionary solarized insect-killing machine!

Pioneer in bringing out exemplary solar products, Su-Kam Power Systems Limited has been taking the power industry by storm. It understands the basic problems of people of India and then the R & D unit does an extensive research to come up with a solution...

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3 Common Myths About Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Power inverters are remarkable devices. Beautifully designed and widely misunderstood. Although it’s no rocket science but then again, as much as I love it, the world of inverters can get slightly over the top! So let’s get down to some basics. Why Inverters? The word...

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