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How to Calculate Size of Solar Panels, Battery and Solar Inverter in India

How many solar panels do I need? How big of a solar inverter do I have to buy? How do I calculate battery backup? These are commonly asked questions by people who are installing solar for the first time in India. Let's address them one...

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This home in Surat went solar and is saving Rs. 60,000

PM Modi is keen on solarizing India in the coming years. He has been creating ripples among the citizens of India, making them aware about the benefits of solar. It not only ensures a renewable supply of electricity but is affordable too. What makes solar...

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Indian Invention! This Inverter Can be used with Battery of Any Size – 18AH to 200AH!

This is amazing! An Indian company has made a home UPS that can be connected to battery of any size depending on your backup requirements. If you need back-up time of only 10-15 mins, you can connect it with battery of 18AH. If you need...

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Women find growth opportunities with this solar company!

The pioneer in solar, Su-Kam Power Systems Limited has always been known for setting out benchmarks. It has earned a name for itself over the decades and it’s continuing to be a trendsetter. Equal Opportunities to Grow The company has a dedicated Research and Development...

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Electricity Conservation Day – 5 solar installations in India to take inspiration from!

18th December – a day celebrated as the Electricity Conservation Day is finally here and thankfully, people do realise the importance that electricity holds in our lives these days. Globally, ample measures are being taken in order to conserve electricity and switch to alternate sources...

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Solar FAQ Answered: 8 Questions You Must Ask Before Installing Solar in India

Well done! You have taken the right decision to help save the environment by generating your own clean electricity through solar. We understand that if you are installing solar in your home for the very first time, then you may have many questions about it....

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