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This home in Surat went solar and is saving Rs. 60,000

PM Modi is keen on solarizing India in the coming years. He has been creating ripples among the citizens of India, making them aware about the benefits of solar. It not only ensures a renewable supply of electricity but is affordable too. What makes solar...

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Indian Invention! This Inverter Can be used with Battery of Any Size – 18AH to 200AH!

This is amazing! An Indian company has made a home UPS that can be connected to battery of any size depending on your backup requirements. If you need back-up time of only 10-15 mins, you can connect it with battery of 18AH. If you need...

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7 Best Solar Installations in India: Must See How India went Solar in 2015

Year 2015 turned out to be indeed eventful with PM Modi stressing on solarising India. He took forward this great initiative by bringing in awareness related to solar and also came up with a plan to be executed in phases. Now, India can finally move...

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See this challenging solar installation done at Dehradun!

The power shortage and high rising electricity bills have now forced people to think of alternatives to generate electricity. No wonder the demand for solar energy is suddenly reaching heights! More and more people are opting for solar for their homes and businesses. In fact,...

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Solar-powered GATES Institute of Technology Has Made Rs. 8 Lacs worth of Electricity

A 100 KWP Off-Grid Solar Power Plant, commissioned in March 2011 at Gates Institute of Technology, Andhra Pradesh is considered to be one of the successful largest private sector projects in Southern India. Nearly four years back, when other educational institutes were still hooked up...

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How This Person in Punjab Converted his Existing Normal Inverter into Solar

Punjab is best known for green revolution but it seems like another revolution is ready to sweep the state: The Solar Revolution. Electricity supply in Punjab has always been erratic and power-cuts have been troublemakers for years. But Punjabis have found a permanent solution to...

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