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See this challenging solar installation done at Dehradun!

The power shortage and high rising electricity bills have now forced people to think of alternatives to generate electricity. No wonder the demand for solar energy is suddenly reaching heights! More and more people are opting for solar for their homes and businesses. In fact,...

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India’s Popular Solar Company Now Reaches Egypt

Now-a-days, people across the globe are finally becoming more aware about the alternate sources of energy generation. They are realizing the benefits of solar energy and trying to implement the same for meeting their power needs. Moreover, when 100% ‘Made In India’ products are appreciated...

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One more school basking in the ‘sun’ glory

Su-kam and solar go hand in hand. The company has launched many revolutionary products and claims that its backbone is its hard-working employees. These employees are dedicated towards bringing a change in the society and give wings to Sukam’s ‘Ek Nayi Soch’. Gurgaon School went...

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Smart Chargers that Charge Batteries in 6 Stages Now in India

Every inverter owner would agree that they are fed up with problems in their batteries. However, before you start blaming the battery you should look at how ordinary inverters charge batteries. Most inverters in the market use age old charging technology which damages the health...

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