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“I didn’t Install Diesel Generator Because I Don’t Want to Make My City More Polluted” What Did He Do Then?

Mr. Devashish is the plant manager of a manufacturing factory called ‘Technic Firm’ located in Surat that is currently under construction. The area that this factory is located in does not experience frequent power cuts. But since this was a manufacturing factory and it required...

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Petrol Pump Owner Was Spending Rs. 30,000 on Generator Monthly Until He Installed Solar

Mr. Manvendra stays in Hardoi district in Uttar Pradesh state with his family. He owns a large filling station in which he has petrol dispensers and an office area for paper work. This area receives negligible electricity throughout the day. Power is available for maximum...

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This Area in Punjab Gets Only 4 Hours of Electricity Daily. So, People Turn to Solar.

Here is a story about a man who suffered from lack of electricity lines in his area and wanted electricity to construct a new home for himself. This Man Could Construct His Home All Thanks to Solar Power Mr. Suresh stays in district Baltana in...

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Must Read: This Solar-Powered School in Jaipur Sells Extra Electricity to the Govt. Solar

We have always maintained that all schools in India must go solar. If a school is located in a city that doesn't suffer from long powercuts, then grid-tie solar makes perfect sense. Schools operate during the sunshine hours when solar panels make the most amount...

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10KVA Off Grid Solar System Runs 3 Fuel Dispensers in this Petrol Pump in Jalgaon, Maharashtra. Tech Details in the Blog:

What Was the Condition Before Solar? The SSPS Sethi sons HP Petrol pump owned by Mr. Sethi is located in Jalgaon district in the Indian state of Maharastra. The area that this petrol pump is located experiences massive power cuts. A petrol pump requires 24...

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After Seeing the Benefits of Solar in Their Neighbour’s House, This Family in Jaipur Also Installed Solar

Mr. Sunil stays in Village Mangyawas in Jaipur state with his family. The area that this inverter is located receives no electricity and Sunil was struggling with this problem for a long time. Sunil had a neighbour, who is a lawyer and had installed a...

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20 Hours of Daily Powercuts Made this Hospital in Jammu Install Solar!

This story is narrated by Su-Kam’s service engineer who recently assisted in carrying out the installation of a solar system in a hospital in Jammu. Read to find out what he told us: Life Before Solar in This Hospital! Sub District Hospital is located in...

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After Watching Solar Videos on YouTube, I Installed Solar in my Home in UP. My Son Can Now Study Well with 24X7 Electricity.

Mr. Ansaar stays in Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh state with his family. The area that Ansaar lives in experiences frequent power cuts and he required a backup system to run the bare necessities of his home like tube lights and fans. Ansaar then starting doing...

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