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After Seeing the Benefits of Solar in Their Neighbour’s House, This Family in Jaipur Also Installed Solar

Mr. Sunil stays in Village Mangyawas in Jaipur state with his family. The area that this inverter is located receives no electricity and Sunil was struggling with this problem for a long time. Sunil had a neighbour, who is a lawyer and had installed a...

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Facebook Provides Free Wi-Fi in Gujarat Using Solar Power. How? Read to Find Out:

What Was This Solar Project All About? This story is about a Facebook Campaign organised by Mr. Modi, the Prime Minister of India to make sure that the citizens of India enjoy free Wi-Fi in that area. Facebook recently collaborated with PM of India to...

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Did You Know? Jammu is Slowly Becoming a Solar City

They say that need is the mother of all inventions, and in the curious case of Jammu, the need for reliable alternative power has led people to discover solar. When powercuts remain as long and frequent as they were 10 years ago and when diesel...

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Why This Petrol Pump in Ahirori, Uttar Pradesh, Now Runs on Solar Power

Here is an interesting story about how this man decided to install a solar system in his filling station and saved INR 30,000 per month. Solar is truly is a saving grace for one and all. Read more to find out the details: Why He...

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How Solar is Helping People of Yemen in Difficult Times

Yemen is an Arab country located in the Western Asia that has been facing a devastating civil war since 2015. The war resulted in the loss of lives, property and basic infrastructure. Yemen and its citizens have been living in the dark since over a...

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Solar Powered Petrol Pump in Noida Runs ACs, 4 Fuel Dispensers on Solar Power!

LIFE BEFORE SOLAR!Yogesh recently opened a petrol pump on the Yamuna expressway in Noida, UP. When Yogesh opened his new petrol pump he faced an issue of running his appliances through grid power because the area where this petrol pump is located has little to...

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House in Ambala Installs Solar. It Will Reduce 1.5 Tonnes of Carbon Emissions Annually

Recently a home in Amar Enclave, Ambala located in Punjab state wanted to run their load on solar and decided to go solar. They wanted to run light home load like tube lights, fans, coolers etc. Mr. Dimple Kumar stays in an area that receives...

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